Are You Watching This?! is a technology-driven studio in Austin, Texas that focuses on the intersection of killer technology, rich data, and powerful user experience. We're the leading provider of real-time Excitement Analytics data for college and professional sports around the globe, and work with leading brands to build state of the art, rock-solid technology to engage with fans everywhere, on any device in any location.
Put our tech chops to work.

  • Excitement Analytics

  • Development

  • Engineering

  • Brand Activation

  • Black Sheep Lodge

    Are You Watching This?! teamed up with a local sports bar to create Ring Of Fire: Wireless, Glowing, Excitement Meters installed on every TV during March Madness. With just a quick glance, patrons would know which TV is broadcasting an Instant Classic in the Making.

  • CBS

    March Madness is the best time of year for sports fans, making it a critical time of year for the CBS network and its partners. The network relies on RUWT?! for automated game alerts posted on their @MarchMadnessTV Twitter handle.

  • Monarch Austin

    We teamed up with the 29-story Monarch to transform the Austin skyline into a College Football Bat Signal for Sports Fans. With just a glance, you knew exactly how exciting the night's game was. Seeing Red? Time to beg, borrow, and steal to get to the nearest sports bar.

  • Sporting News

    "The What to Watch page in our new iPad app has been the most sticky section, and it's just the tip of the iceberg. We want to curate an experience for the user that works asynchronously, whether they happen to be in the app or not. The next instant classic isn't scheduled in your TV Guide but you'll want to know about it as it is happening."

    Jeff Price
    President and Publisher, Sporting News

  • Telstra Communications

    The Telco giant Telstra reached out to Are You Watching This?! in 2012 to bring our technology Down Under. Modelling Australian Rules Football, Rugby, and Cricket wasn't enough, though—we were chosen as the firm to concept, design, and build SportsFan, their brand new mobile experience for their brand new sports brand.

  • Turner Sports

    We love out-of-home digital, so we jumped at the chance to work with Turner Sports for March Madness. Powered by RUWT?!'s global API infrastructure, digital billboards in Philadelphia, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, D.C. and L.A. rotated through the exciting games of the day, articulating the reasons why individual games were exciting, along with the network to catch the finish.