Frequently Asked Questions

How do alerts work? Are they really free?

Whenever a game breaks through to a new level of roots for the first time, let's say from GOOD to HOT, you'll get an alert if you can watch the game on your TV. We won't bug you about that random game you can't see, but if a game is going into overtime on channel 1635, you'll know about it. We will not charge you anything to receive alerts via email or your cell phone.

What do the colored numbers mean?

When RUWTbot finds a game he likes, he'll root for it. The more roots he adds, the more exciting the game is. If you're watching a game that's getting good, you can let your voice be heard by rooting for it too.

  • EPIC - Drop everything you're doing. This is Boise State vs. Oklahoma, Lebron vs. Pistons, and no-hitter in the bottom of 9th territory. Find the nearest TV post-haste.

  • HOT - Any game that is in overtime or extra innings, and sometimes just a close finish or upset possibility will reach HOT. This game is definitely worth turning on the TV for.

  • GOOD - A GOOD game is starting to get good. It's a tied game in the top of the 9th, or maybe a ranked team down at halftime. If you already have the TV on, you might as well click over and check it out.

  • OK - All games start off as OK. Snoozers and blowouts are OK. Not even their momma would vote for a game that's OK.

How can I add more roots to a game?

Everyone on the site starts off with 5 roots. You can earn more by getting to the top of one of the WYG? leaderboards or by winning one of our Pick 'em challenges.

I'm curious what NPR's Scott Simon thinks about this site.

Well that's not a question, but we'll answer it anyway. Take a listen to NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday story on Are You Watching This?!, or check out the full list of articles on our Press page.

Can I use this site if I'm not in the U.S. or Canada?

We currently have TV listings and alerts for the U.S. and Canada. For those abroad in the military, use zip code 92518 on the lineup page to get access to the Armed Forces Network. If you live somewhere else and think RUWTbot should invade your country, let us know.

How are standings calculated in User Rankings?

They are calculated like MLB or NBA standings where it's the number of wins minus the number of losses in the last 30 days. It's not based on overall win percentage.

What does RUWT stand for?

aRe yoU Watching This?!

Why'd you pick such a long domain name?

Have you tried searching for a domain lately? It's ridiculous. Everything is taken. Everything. If you're too lazy to create a bookmark, you can just type into your browser. Happy birthday.