2009 Major Thoroughbred Turf Results & Upcoming Races

Dec 14, 2009 - 6:30 AM

11/29 Hollywood Derby (Hollywood Park) (3yo)
The Usual Q. T. -- Battle Of Hastings (GB) -- Acclamation

11/29 Miesque Stakes (Hollywood Park) (2yo) (Fillies)
The Mailet -- In the Slips -- Connie and Michael

11/28 Matriarch (Hollywood Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Ventura -- Tuscan Evening (IRE) -- Diamondrella (GB)

11/28 Generous Stakes (Hollywood Park) (2yo)
Who's Up -- Marcello -- Lucky Rave (GB)

11/27 Citation Handicap (Hollywood Park) (3yo&up)
Fluke (BRZ) -- Ever A Friend -- Cowboy Cal

11/27 River City Handicap (Churchill Downs) (3yo&up)
Rahystrada -- Rahy's Attorney -- Pleasant Strike

11/21 Cardinal Handicap (Churchill Downs) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Acoma -- You Go West Girl -- Lemon Chiffon

11/15 Commonwealth Turf Stakes (Churchill Downs) (3yo)
Get Stormy -- Street Move -- Grizzled Robert

11/14 Mrs. Revere Stakes (Churchill Downs) (3yo) (Fillies)
Mary's Follies -- Keertana -- Romacaca

11/14 Bonnie Heath Turf Cup (Calder) (3yo&up)
Soldier's Dancer -- Pickapocket -- Mean Sax

11/14 Elmer Heubeck Distaff (Calder) (3yo&up)
Sweet Repent -- Jessica Is Back -- Even Road

11/14 Jack Dudley Sprint (Calder) (3yo&up)
Pashito the Che -- Prince Joshua -- Little Nick

11/14 Arthur I. Appleton Juv Turf (Calder) (2yo) (FL)
Bim Bam -- Family Foundation -- Show The Way J

11/14 John Franks Juv Fillies Turf (Calder) (2yo) (Fillies) (FL)
Wild Mia -- Dancing Rage -- Winsockie

11/7 Oak Tree Derby (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (3yo)
The Usual Q. T. -- Battle Of Hastings (GB) -- No Inflation

11/7 Breeders' Cup Turf (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (3yo&up)
Conduit -- Presious Passion -- Dar Re Mi (GB)

11/7 Breeders' Cup Mile (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (3yo&up)
Goldikova -- Courageous Cat -- Justenuffhumor

11/7 Breeders' Cup Turf Sprint (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (3yo&up)
California Flag -- Gotta Have Her -- Cannonball

11/7 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (2yo)
Pounced -- Bridgetown -- Interactif

11/7 Red Smith (Aqueduct) (3yo&up)
Expansion -- Grand Couturier (GB) -- Spice Route (GB)

11/6 Las Palmas Handicap (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Tuscan Evening (IRE) -- Closeout -- Cat By The Tale

11/6 Breeders' Cup F&M Turf (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Midday -- Pure Clan -- Forever Together

11/6 Breeders' Cup Juv Fillies Turf (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (2yo) (Fillies)
Tapitsfly -- Rose Catherine -- House of Grace

11/1 Long Island (Aqueduct) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Criticism (GB) -- Lemonette -- Bubbly Jane (BRZ)

11/1 Labeeb Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up)
Jimmy Simms -- Just Rushing -- River Heights

10/31 River Memories Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Points Of Grace -- Lomaki -- Sheraton Park

10/25 Mohawk (Belmont) (3yo&up) (NYB)
Banrock -- Gimme Credit -- Solvent

10/25 Rood & Riddle Dowager (Keeneland) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Black Mamba (NZ) -- Winter View -- Ballynoe

10/25 Ticonderoga (Belmont) (3yo&up) (F&M) (NYB)
You Go West Girl -- Love Cove -- Nehantic Kat

10/25 Chief Bearhart Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up)
Simmard -- Cool Gator -- Sligovitz

10/24 SKYY El Joven Stakes (Retama Park) (2yo) (C&G)
Kera's Kitten -- B'wanagoldmine -- Prince Eddington

10/24 M2 Tech La Senorita Stakes (Retama Park) (2yo) (Fillies)
Lisa's Kitten -- Winning Tale -- Seasoned

10/24 Harold C Ramser Sr Hdcp (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (3yo) (Fillies)
April Pride -- Century Park -- Starlarks

10/23 Pin Oak Valley View Div 2 (Keeneland) (3yo) (Fillies)
Eye of Taurus -- Miss Keller -- Keertana

10/23 Pin Oak Valley View Div 1 (Keeneland) (3yo) (Fillies)
Bluegrass Princess -- Single Solution -- Kiawah Cat

10/22 Knickerbocker (Belmont) (3yo&up)
Operation Red Dawn -- Lemon Cream Pie -- Brave Tin Soldier

10/22 Sycamore (Keeneland) (3yo&up)
Cloudy's Knight -- Winchester -- Yate's Black Cat

10/21 Athenia (Belmont) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Belle Allure -- Kristi With A K -- Cable

10/18 Bryan Station (Keeneland) (3yo)
Get Stormy -- Rescue Squad -- Kinsella

10/18 Cup and Saucer (Woodbine) (2yo) (CAN)
Hollinger -- Stormy Lord -- Mobil Unit

10/17 Pattison Canadian Intl (Woodbine) (3yo&up)
Champs Elysees (GB) -- Jukebox Jury (IRE) -- Buccellati (GB)

10/17 QEII Challenge Cup (Keeneland) (3yo) (Fillies)
Hot Cha Cha -- Shared Account -- Gozzip Girl

10/17 E.P. Taylor Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Lahaleeb -- Rainbow View -- Princess Haya

10/17 Calder Derby (Calder) (3yo)
Sal the Barber -- Grand Cash -- Livingston Street

10/17 Nearctic Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up)
Field Commission -- Bogue Chitto -- Jungle Wave

10/17 Sen. Ken Maddy Hdcp (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Gotta Have Her -- Pasar Silbano (IRE) -- Tuscan Evening (IRE)

10/16 Buffalo Trace Franklin County (Keeneland) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Dubai Majesty -- Libor Lady -- Nadeshiko

10/15 JPMorganChase Jessamine (Keeneland) (2yo) (Fillies)
House of Grace -- Smart Seattle -- Hatheer

10/12 Pebbles (Belmont) (3yo) (Fillies)
Miss Catalyst -- Pull Dancer -- Maram

10/11 Remington Green Stakes (Remington Park) (3yo&up)
Orientate Express -- Steve's Double -- Get Rich Quick

10/11 Bourbon (Keeneland) (2yo)
Interactif -- Codoy -- Family Foundation

10/11 Clement L Hirsch Turf CH (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (3yo&up)
Presious Passion -- Medici Code (GB) -- Spring House

10/10 Violet Stakes (Meadowlands) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Quiet Harbor -- Always For Love -- All Is Vanity (FR)

10/10 Shadwell Turf Mile (Keeneland) (3yo&up)
Court Vision -- Karelian -- Mr. Sidney

10/10 First Lady (Keeneland) (Keeneland) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Diamondrella (GB) -- Tizaqueena -- Forever Together

10/10 Hawthorne Derby (Hawthorne Race Course) (3yo)
Proceed Bee -- Sir Al (IRE) -- Quite A Handful

10/10 Woodford (Keeneland) (3yo&up)
Silver Timber -- Mr. Nightlinger -- Goldzar

10/10 Oak Tree Mile (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (3yo&up)
Cowboy Cal -- Global Hunter (ARG) -- Whatsthescript (IRE)

10/10 Jamaica Handicap (Belmont) (3yo)
Take the Points -- Straight Story -- Courageous Cat

10/10 Yellow Ribbon Stakes (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Magical Fantasy -- Visit (GB) -- Black Mamba (NZ)

10/9 Phoenix (Keeneland) (3yo&up)
Fatal Bullet -- Capt. Candyman Can -- EZ Dreamer

10/4 Pilgrim (Belmont) (2yo)
Eskendereya -- Western Flyer -- Chairman Now

10/4 Miss Grillo (Belmont) (2yo) (Fillies)
Dad's Crazy -- Tapitsfly -- Fuzzy Britches

10/4 Kelso Handicap (Belmont) (3yo&up)
Le Grand Cru -- Ready's Echo -- Yield Bogey

10/4 Carotene Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo) (Fillies)
Soul of Nataka -- First Circle -- Forest Uproar

10/3 Robert F. Carey Memorial Hcp (Hawthorne Race Course) (3yo&up)
Public Speaker -- Antrim County -- Sebastian County

10/3 Joe Hirsch Turf Classic (Belmont) (3yo&up)
Interpatation -- Gio Ponti -- Grand Couturier (GB)

10/3 Flower Bowl Invitational (Belmont) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Pure Clan -- Criticism (GB) -- Queen Of Hearts

10/3 Cliffhanger Stakes (Meadowlands) (3yo&up)
Brave Tin Soldier -- Pleasant Strike -- Kiss the Kid

10/3 Indian Maid Handicap (Hawthorne Race Course) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Abby's Angel -- Hungry Tigress -- Final Refrain

10/3 John Deere Cal Cup Distaff (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (3yo&up) (F&M) (CA)
Bootleg Annie -- Flashover -- Quisiana

9/30 Morvich Handicap (Oak Tree at Santa Anita) (3yo&up)
California Flag -- Get Funky -- Bruce's Dream

9/27 Illinois Owners Stakes (F&M) (Arlington Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Peyote Patty -- Chantilly Lady -- Never Retreat

9/27 Flaming Page Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Mekong Melody -- Fortune or Folly -- Avie's Tale

9/26 Turf Amazon Handicap (Philadelphia Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Canadian Ballet -- Queen Ofthe Catsle -- Dubai Majesty

9/26 Maryland Million Turf (Laurel Park) (3yo&up)
Target Sighted -- Moon Ala Mode -- Into The WInd

9/26 Maryland Million Turf Sprint (Laurel Park) (3yo&up)
Natural Seven -- Citifest -- Heros Reward

9/26 Maryland Million Ladies (Laurel Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Talkin About Love -- Beau's Trip -- Heavenly Moon

9/20 Woodbine Mile (Woodbine) (3yo&up)
Ventura -- Ferneley (IRE) -- Sterwins

9/20 John Hettinger (Belmont) (3yo&up) (F&M)
You Go West Girl -- Chestoria -- Love Cove

9/20 Northern Dancer Turf (Woodbine) (3yo&up)
Just as Well -- Quijano (GER) -- Champs Elysees (GB)

9/20 Canadian Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Princess Haya -- Forever Together -- Much Obliged

9/19 Summer Stakes (Woodbine) (2yo)
Bridgetown -- Becky's Kitten -- Fantastico Roberto (IRE)

9/19 PTHA President's Cup (Philadelphia Park) (3yo&up)
Soldier's Dancer -- Vanquisher -- Yate's Black Cat

9/19 Mr. Jenney Handicap (Philadelphia Park) (3yo&up) (PA)
El Churruca -- Shouldabeenaclown -- Sunshineintherain

9/19 Natalma Stakes (Woodbine) (2yo) (Fillies)
Bay To Bay -- Jungle Tale -- Ernfold

9/19 Nobel Damsel (Belmont) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Rutherienne -- Quiet Meadow -- Social Queen

9/19 Mrs. Penny Stakes (Philadelphia Park) (3yo&up) (F&M) (PA)
Always For Love -- Easter Bonus -- Sprig Of Lilac

9/13 Bowling Green Handicap (Belmont) (3yo&up)
Grand Couturier (GB) -- Winchester -- Thabazimbi

9/13 Ashley T. Cole (Belmont) (3yo&up) (NYB)
Banrock -- Straight Story -- Pennington

9/12 Garden City Stakes (Belmont) (3yo) (Fillies)
Miss World -- Shared Account -- Keertana

9/12 La Prevoyante Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo) (Fillies) (ONT)
Double Malt -- Lunar Linda -- Venganza

9/9 Palomar Handicap (Del Mar) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Gotta Have Her -- Lethal Heat -- Carribean Sunset (IRE)

9/7 Glens Falls (Saratoga) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Mushka -- Lemonette -- Queen Of Hearts

9/7 Pucker Up Stakes (Arlington Park) (3yo) (Fillies)
Hot Cha Cha -- Romacaca -- Single Solution

9/7 Sea O' Erin (Arlington Park) (3yo&up)
Public Speaker -- Exchanging Kisses -- Demarcation

9/7 Stars & Stripes (Arlington Park) (3yo&up)
Free Fighter -- Brass Hat -- Caberneigh

9/7 Halton Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up) (ONT)
Society's Chairman -- Cryptonite Kid -- My Imperial Dancer

9/6 Saranac (Saratoga) (3yo)
Al Khali -- El Crespo -- Armstrong Mill

9/6 Red Bank Stakes (Monmouth Park) (3yo&up)
Get Serious -- Pleasant Strike -- Steve's Double

9/6 Vice Regent Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo) (ONT)
Guipago -- Paso Doble -- Mr. Foricos Two U

9/6 Del Mar Derby (Del Mar) (3yo)
Rendevous -- Battle Of Hastings (GB) -- Acclamation

9/5 Kent Stakes (Delaware Park) (3yo)
No Inflation -- Out At Night -- Dr Large

9/4 With Anticipation (Saratoga) (2yo)
Interactif -- Jung Man Scott -- Paddy O'Prado

8/30 Del Mar Handicap (Del Mar) (3yo&up)
Spring House -- Sir Dave -- Temple City

8/30 Ontario Colleen Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up) (Fillies)
Lady Shakespeare -- Carem Crescent -- Forest Uproar

8/29 Del Mar Mile (Del Mar) (3yo&up)
Ferneley (IRE) -- Allicansayis Wow -- Lethal Heat

8/29 Play The King Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up)
Jungle Wave -- Field Commission -- Rebellion (GB)

8/29 Ballston Spa (Saratoga) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Salve Germania (IRE) -- Rutherienne -- My Princess Jess

8/29 Catcharisingstar Stakes (Calder) (2yo) (Fillies)
Miss Delite -- Winey Taylor -- Sweet Like Sugar

8/28 Bernard Baruch Handicap (Saratoga) (3yo&up)
Justenuffhumor -- Cowboy Cal -- Sette E Mezzo

8/23 Sky Classic Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up)
Marchfield -- Champs Elysees (GB) -- Medjool

8/23 Yaddo (Saratoga) (3yo&up) (F&M) (NYB)
Nehantic Kat -- Vivi's Book -- Crazy Catlady

8/23 Solana Beach Handicap (Del Mar) (3yo&up) (F&M) (CA)
You Lift Me Up -- Hot n' Dusty -- Bootleg Annie

8/22 Del Mar Oaks (Del Mar) (3yo) (Fillies)
Internallyflawless -- Nan -- Well Monied

8/21 Lake Placid (Saratoga) (3yo) (Fillies)
Shared Account -- Keertana -- Katara

8/16 West Point Handicap (Saratoga) (3yo&up) (NYB)
Banrock -- Pennington -- Extra Zip

8/16 Rainbow Connection Stakes (Fort Erie Race Track) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Anne's Purse -- Koonunga Hill -- Bold Maneuver

8/16 John C. Mabee Stakes (Del Mar) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Magical Fantasy -- Gotta Have Her -- Patricia's Gem

8/16 Victoriana Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up) (F&M) (ONT)
San Nicola Whiskey -- You Will Love Me -- Authenicat

8/15 Sword Dancer Invitational (Saratoga) (3yo&up)
Telling -- Better Talk Now -- Brass Hat

8/15 La Jolla Handicap (Del Mar) (3yo)
Meteore -- Rendevous -- Gretsky

8/14 National Museum of Racing HOF (Saratoga) (3yo)
Courageous Cat -- Sal the Barber -- Al Khali

8/13 NY Stal Ser St of Lib Div (Saratoga) (3yo) (Fillies)
Mother Russia -- Es Mia -- Wild Awake

8/12 NY Stal Ser. C Calloway Div (Saratoga) (3yo) (C&G)
Uncle T Seven -- Livin Large -- Scientist

8/8 Arlington Million Stakes (Arlington Park) (3yo&up)
Gio Ponti -- Just as Well -- Stotsfold (GB)

8/8 Beverly D. Stakes (Arlington Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Dynaforce -- Alnadana (IRE) -- Pure Clan

8/8 Secretariat Stakes (Arlington Park) (3yo)
Take the Points -- Black Bear Island -- Laureate Conductor

8/2 Breeders' Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo) (CAN)
Perfect Shower -- Guipago -- Reservoir

8/2 Oceanport Stakes (Monmouth Park) (3yo&up)
Get Serious -- Kiss the Kid -- Pleasant Strike

8/2 Taylor Made Matchmaker Stakes (Monmouth Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Captain's Lover (SAF) -- Princess Haya -- American Border

8/2 Jersey Derby Stakes (Monmouth Park) (3yo)
Endymion -- Despite The Odds -- Code Of Honour

8/2 Fourstardave (Saratoga) (3yo&up)
Justenuffhumor -- Mambo Meister -- Cowboy Cal

8/1 Pennsylvania Governor's Cup (Penn National) (3yo&up)
Cardashi -- Blue Sailor -- Chamberlain Bridge

8/1 WV Senate President's Stakes (Mountaineer) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Tizfiz -- Hungry Tigress -- Dreaming Of Liz

8/1 Diana Stakes (Saratoga) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Forever Together -- Carribean Sunset (IRE) -- Rutherienne

8/1 Royal North Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Glitter Rox -- Canadian Ballet -- Mommie Whiz

8/1 San Clemente Handicap (Del Mar) (3yo) (Fillies)
Starlarks -- Strawberry Tart -- Hameildaeme

7/31 Lake George (Saratoga) (3yo) (Fillies)
Be Fair -- Mary's Follies -- The Best Day Ever

7/26 California Dreamin' Handicap (Del Mar) (3yo&up) (CA)
Dewey's Special -- Nitro Active -- Bert's Law

7/26 Nijinsky Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up)
Rahy's Attorney -- Marchfield -- Champs Elysees (GB)

7/25 Lady Canterbury BC Stakes (Canterbury Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Happiness Is -- Euphony -- Lady Carlock

7/25 Eddie Read Handicap (Del Mar) (3yo&up)
Global Hunter (ARG) -- Awesome Gem -- Whatsthescript (IRE)

7/25 Claiming Crown Emerald (Canterbury Park) (3yo&up)
Gran Estreno (ARG) -- Hard Top -- Stormy Surge

7/25 Claiming Crown Tiara (Canterbury Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Mizzcan'tbewrong -- Love To Tell -- Bartok's Bling

7/25 Wonder Where Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo) (Fillies)
Tasty Temptation -- First Circle -- Forest Uproar

7/22 Oceanside Stakes (Del Mar) (3yo)
Afleet Eagle -- Mark S the Cooler -- Rendevous

7/22 Passing Mood Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo) (Fillies) (ONT)
Double Malt -- Executive Deed -- Sans Sousi

7/19 Sunset Handicap (Hollywood Park) (3yo&up)
Black Astor -- Spring House -- Porfido (CHI)

7/18 Virginia Derby (Colonial Downs) (3yo)
Battle Of Hastings (GB) -- Straight Story -- Take the Points

7/18 Virginia Oaks (Colonial Downs) (3yo) (Fillies)
Blind Date -- Shared Account -- Katara

7/18 Jaipur (Belmont) (3yo&up)
Silver Timber -- Heros Reward -- Due Date

7/18 Robert G. Dick Stakes (Delaware Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Caprice (GER) -- Trensa -- Dyna's Lassie

7/11 Arlington Handicap (Arlington Park) (3yo&up)
Just as Well -- Gentleman Chester -- Cosmonaut

7/11 Man O' War Stakes (Belmont) (3yo&up)
Gio Ponti -- Musketier (GER) -- Quijano (GER)

7/11 Arlington Sprint (Arlington Park) (3yo&up) (C&G)
Yankee Injunuity -- Chamberlain Bridge -- St. Joe

7/11 Royal Heroine Mile (Hollywood Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Tuscan Evening (IRE) -- Patricia's Gem -- Gotta Have Her

7/11 Modesty Handicap (Arlington Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Pure Clan -- Tizaqueena -- Dynaforce

7/11 American Derby (Arlington Park) (3yo)
Reb -- No Inflation -- Proceed Bee

7/11 Bob Umphrey Turf Sprint Hdcp (Calder) (3yo&up)
Little Nick -- Mr. Nightlinger -- Dukes Flying Tiger

7/11 Toronto Cup Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo)
Crown Isle -- Coffee Bar -- Hisaki

7/11 Dance Smartly Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Points Of Grace -- Ginger Brew -- Muska

7/6 Dr. James Penny Memorial Hdcp (Philadelphia Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Carribean Sunset (IRE) -- I Lost My Choo -- Scolara

7/5 Locust Grove Handicap (Churchill Downs) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Closeout -- Gloria Goodbody -- Stealin' Kisses

7/5 Ontario Damsel Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo) (Fillies) (ONT)
Mullins Beach -- Woodsmoke -- How Far Is Heaven

7/5 American Oaks Inv (Hollywood Park) (3yo) (Fillies)
Gozzip Girl -- Well Monied -- Lexlenos (IRE)

7/4 United Nations Stakes (Monmouth Park) (3yo&up)
Presious Passion -- Lauro (GER) -- Brass Hat

7/4 Firecracker Handicap (Churchill Downs) (3yo&up)
Mr. Sidney -- Inca King -- Seaspeak

7/4 American Handicap (Hollywood Park) (3yo&up)
Monterey Jazz -- Artiste Royal (IRE) -- Whatsthescript (IRE)

7/3 Flawlessly Stakes (Hollywood Park) (3yo) (Fillies)
Strawberry Tart -- Jehan -- Dash Dot Dash

6/28 Beverly Hills Handicap (Hollywood Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Black Mamba (NZ) -- Charming Legacy (IRE) -- You Lift Me Up

6/27 King Edward Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up)
Rahy's Attorney -- Sterwins -- Baletti

6/27 Boiling Springs Stakes (Monmouth Park) (3yo) (Fillies)
Mary's Follies -- Kiawah Cat -- Obsequious

6/21 Singspiel Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up)
Musketier (GER) -- Mission Approved -- Cobotown Ron

6/21 Highlander Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up)
Smart Enough -- Field Commission -- Heros Reward

6/20 Colonial Turf Cup (Colonial Downs) (3yo)
Battle Of Hastings (GB) -- Straight Story -- Lime Rickey

6/20 All Along Stakes (Colonial Downs) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Winter View -- Tejida -- Dyna's Lassie

6/20 New York (Belmont) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Icon Project -- Criticism (GB) -- Winning Point

6/20 Cinema Handicap (Hollywood Park) (3yo)
Zip Quik -- Alfarabi -- Seattle Ruler

6/20 Black Tie Affair handicap (Arlington Park) (3yo&up) (IL)
Fort Prado -- Gentleman Chester -- Free Fighter

6/20 Lincoln Heritage Handicap (Arlington Park) (3yo&up) (F&M) (IL)
Apple Martini -- Sun For Fun -- Labar

6/14 Poker (Belmont) (3yo&up)
Sailor's Cap -- Tam Lin (GB) -- Yield Bogey

6/13 Regret Stakes (Churchill) (Churchill Downs) (3yo) (Fillies)
Keertana -- The Best Day Ever -- Hot Cha Cha

6/13 Round Table Handicap (Hollywood Park) (3yo&up)
Obrigado (FR) -- Porfido (CHI) -- Zappa

6/13 Jefferson Cup Stakes (Churchill Downs) (3yo)
Florentino (JPN) -- El Crespo -- No Inflation

6/10 Bold Ruckus Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo) (ONT)
Me The Seat And G T -- The Boy's Ring -- Daninel Be Good

6/7 Eatontown Stakes (Monmouth Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
All Is Vanity (FR) -- Quiet Meadow -- Chestoria

6/6 Woodford Reserve Manhattan H. (Belmont) (3yo&up)
Gio Ponti -- Marsh Side -- Better Talk Now

6/6 Charles Whittingham Mem. H. (Hollywood Park) (3yo&up)
Midships -- Globetrotter -- Artiste Royal (IRE)

6/6 Just a Game Stakes (Belmont) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Diamondrella (GB) -- Forever Together -- My Princess Jess

6/6 Early Times Mint Julep Stakes (Churchill Downs) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Acoma -- Pure Clan -- Tizaqueena

6/5 Hill Prince (Belmont) (3yo)
Despite The Odds -- Affirmatif -- Dubinsky

5/31 Honeymoon Handicap (Hollywood Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Well Monied -- Acting Lady -- Lexlenos (IRE)

5/30 Gamely Stakes (Hollywood Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Magical Fantasy -- Visit (GB) -- Diamond Diva (GB)

5/30 Sands Point (Belmont) (3yo) (Fillies)
Gozzip Girl -- Warm Shower -- Bluegrass Princess

5/30 Golden Gate Fields Turf (Golden Gate Fields) (4yo&up)
Spring House -- Sir Dave -- Yacht Spotter

5/30 Nassau Stakes (Woodbine) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Rutherienne -- Callwood Dance (IRE) -- Meadow Saffron

5/25 Shoemaker Mile (Hollywood Park) (3yo&up)
Thorn Song -- Hyperbaric -- Storm Military (Arg)

5/25 Ouija Board Distaff (Lone Star Park) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Wasted Tears -- Superior Storm -- Love To Tell

5/25 Dallas Turf Cup (Lone Star Park) (3yo&up)
Seaspeak -- Ernesto -- Red Rock Creek

5/25 USA Stakes (Lone Star Park) (3yo)
Jake Wil Gallup -- Ticfaw -- Souther Region

5/24 Connaught Cup Stakes (Woodbine) (4yo&up)
Sterwins -- Rahy's Attorney -- Society's Chairman

5/23 American 1000 Guineas (Arlington Park) (3yo) (Fillies)
Consequence -- Excelente (IRE) -- Afternoon Stroll

5/23 Arlington Classic (Arlington Park) (3yo)
Giant Oak -- No Inflation -- El Crespo

5/23 Louisville Handicap (Churchill Downs) (3yo&up)
Brass Hat -- Spice Route (GB) -- Thabazimbi

5/23 Sheepshead Bay (Belmont) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Criticism (GB) -- Mushka -- Caprice (GER)

5/17 Mount Vernon (Belmont) (3yo&up) (F&M) (NYB)
I Lost My Choo -- Nehantic Kat -- You Go West Girl

5/16 Dixie Stakes (Pimlico) (3yo&up)
Parading -- Just as Well -- Wesley

5/16 Gallorette Handicap (Pimlico) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Social Queen -- All Is Vanity (FR) -- Tejida

5/15 Jim McKay Turf Sprint (Pimlico) (3yo&up)
Mr. Nightliner -- Blue Sailor -- Rouse The Cat

5/10 Kingston (Belmont) (3yo&up) (NYB)
Banrock -- Mission Approved -- Stormy Success

5/2 Woodford Reserve Turf Classic (Churchill Downs) (3yo&up)
Einstein (BRZ) -- Cowboy Cal -- Court Vision

5/2 Beaugay (Belmont) (3yo&up) (F&M)
My Princess Jess -- Carribean Sunset (IRE) -- Social Queen

5/2 Churchill Distaff Turf Mile St (Churchill Downs) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Tizaqueena -- Dawn After Dawn -- Lemon Chiffon

5/2 Illinois Owners Stakes (Arlington Park) (3yo&up)
Vor Poy Uno Mas -- Tony Terrific -- Fort Prado

5/2 Fort Marcy (Belmont) (3yo&up)
Cosmonaut -- Tam Lin (GB) -- Operation Red Dawn

5/1 Edgewood Stakes (Churchill Downs) (3yo) (Fillies)
Laragh -- Magical Affair -- Banker's Choice

5/1 Crown Royal American Turf Stk (Churchill Downs) (3yo)
Orthodox -- Battle Of Hastings (GB) -- Turfiste

5/1 Aegon Turf Sprint Stakes (Churchill Downs) (3yo&up)
Chamberlain Bridge -- Cannonball -- Smart Enough

4/25 La Prevoyante Handicap (Calder) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Criticism (GB) -- Long Approach -- Icon Project

4/25 Miami Mile Handicap (Calder) (3yo&up)
Wesley -- Mambo Meister -- Fearless Eagle

4/25 San Francisco Mile (Golden Gate Fields) (4yo&up)
Mr Napper Tandy (GB) -- Yacht Spotter -- Bold Chieftain

4/24 Fifth Third Elkhorn Stakes (Keeneland) (4yo&up)
Spice Route (GB) -- Musketier (GER) -- Brass Hat

4/23 Grey Goose Bewitch Stakes (Keeneland) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Winter View -- Communique -- Dress Rehearsal (IRE)

4/19 San Juan Capistrano Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up)
Midships -- Spring House -- Obrigado (FR)

4/18 San Simeon Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up)
Mr Gruff -- Doppio -- Euroglide

4/18 Giant's Causeway Stakes (Keeneland) (3yo&up) (F&M)
Diamondrella (GB) -- Marina Ballerina -- Lady Chace

4/18 Santa Barbara Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Magical Fantasy -- Black Mamba (NZ) -- Toque de Queda (GB)

4/16 Appalachian Stakes (Keeneland) (3yo) (Fillies)
Afternoon Stroll -- Hot Cha Cha -- Fast Tigress

4/12 Las Ciengas Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Gotta Have Her -- Reba Is Tops -- Tuscan Evening (IRE)

4/11 Jenny Wiley Stakes (Keeneland) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Forever Together -- Rutherienne -- Kiss With A Twist

4/11 Shakertown Stakes (Keeneland) (3yo&up)
Heros Reward -- Cannonball -- Chamberlain Bridge

4/11 La Puente Stakes (Santa Anita) (3yo)
Battle Of Hastings (GB) -- Smokey Lonesome -- Wall Street Wonder

4/10 Maker's Mark Mile Stakes (Keeneland) (4yo&up)
Mr. Sidney -- Passager (FR) -- Just as Well

4/4 Illinois Derby (Hawthorne Race Course) (3yo)
Musket Man -- Giant Oak -- His Greatness

4/4 Providencia Stakes (Santa Anita) (3yo) (Fillies)
Acting Lady -- Mrs Kipling (IRE) -- Pasar Silbano (IRE)

4/4 Arcadia Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up)
Dixie Chatter -- Mr Napper Tandy (GB) -- Madeo

4/3 Central Bank Transylvania Stk (Keeneland) (3yo)
Stormalory -- Smart Bid -- Florentino (JPN)

3/29 Sensational Star Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up) (CA)
Liberian Freighter -- Mr. Wolverine -- My City By The Bay

3/28 Appleton (Gulfstream Park) (4yo&up)
Kiss the Kid -- Artic Cry -- Passager (FR)

3/22 Santa Ana Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Belmont Cat (NZ) -- Bel Air Sizzle -- Visit (GB)

3/22 Orchid (Gulfstream Park) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Dress Rehearsal (IRE) -- Lamentation (GB) -- Criticism (GB)

3/21 San Luis Rey Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up)
Midships -- Medici Code (GB) -- Ariste Royal (IRE)

3/15 Irish O'Brien Stakes (Santa Anita) (4yo&up) (F&M) (CA)
Christiana's Heat -- Waveline -- Bel Air Sizzle

3/15 Herecomesthebride (Gulfstream Park) (3yo) (Fillies)
Gozzip Girl -- Obsequious -- Bluegrass Princess

3/14 Mervin H Muniz Jr. Mem Hdcp (Fair Grounds) (4yo&up)
Proudinsky (GER) -- El Caballo -- Nownownow

3/14 Palm Beach (Gulfstream Park) (3yo)
El Crespo -- Lime Rickey -- Stormalory

3/14 Hillsborough Stakes (Tampa Bay Downs) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Backseat Rhythm -- Elusive Lady -- Balymore Lady

3/7 Frank E. Kilroe Mile Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up)
Gio Ponti -- Ventura -- Dixie Chatter

3/7 Honey Fox (Gulfstream Park) (4yo&up) (F&M)
I Lost My Choo -- Rustic Flame (IRE) -- Fibberjibit

3/1 Baldwin Stakes (Santa Anita) (3yo)
Battle Of Hastings (GB) -- Flashmans Papers (GB) -- Luckiest Man

2/28 Crystal Water Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up)
Medzendeekron -- Liberian Freighter -- Swift Winds

2/28 Canadian Turf (Gulfstream Park) (4yo&up)
Twilight Meteor -- Buddy's Humor -- Buffalo Man

2/22 San Luis Obispo Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up)
Spring House -- Church Service -- Attempted Humor

2/22 The Very One (Gulfstream Park) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Criticism (GB) -- Dress Rehearsal (IRE) -- Backseat Rhythm

2/21 Tampa Bay Breeders' Cup (Tampa Bay Downs) (4yo&up)
Victory Alleged -- Classic Campaign -- Society's Chairman

2/21 Valentine Dancer Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up) (F&M) (CA)
Bel Air Sizzle -- Onebadkitty -- Gambler's Justice

2/21 Bayou Handicap (Fair Grounds) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Love To Tell -- Mizzcan'tbewrong -- Sharbat(DH) -- Nans Joy (IRE)(DH)

2/21 Mac Diarmida (Gulfstream Park) (4yo&up)
Presious Passion -- Quasicobra -- Spice Route (GB)

2/16 Buena Vista Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Jibboom -- Foxysox (GB) -- Tizfiz

2/15 Daytona Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up)
Desert Code -- Euroglide -- Guns On The Table

2/15 Coconut Grove (Gulfstream Park) (3yo) (Fillies)
Gozzip Girl -- Oilgonewile -- Obsequious

2/14 Hallandale Beach (Gulfstream Park) (3yo)
Duke Of Homberg (GB) -- Lime Rickey -- Into My Soul

2/14 Endeavour Breeders' Cup (Tampa Bay Downs) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Ballymore Lady -- Elusive Lady -- Sousaphone

2/7 Fair Grounds Handicap (Fair Grounds) (4yo&up)
Diamond Tycoon -- Windward Islands -- Corrupt

2/7 Thunder Road Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up)
Matto Mondo (CHI) -- Global Hunter (ARG) -- Monba

2/1 Gulfstream Park Turf Handicap (Gulfstream Park) (4yo&up)
Kip Deville -- Just as Well -- Court Vision

2/1 La Habra Stakes (Santa Anita) (3yo) (Fillies)
Pasar Silbano (IRE) -- Gold Goddess -- Real Fancy Runner

2/1 Suwannee River (Gulfstream Park) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Lady Carlock -- Mushka -- Drop A Line

1/25 Tuzla Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Foxysox (GB) -- Gotta Have Her -- Charming Legacy (IRE)

1/24 Sunshine Millions Turf (Santa Anita) (4yo&up)
Soldier's Dancer -- Presious Passion -- Unusual Suspect

1/24 Sunshine Millions F&M Turf (Gulfstream Park) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Wild Promises -- Elusive Lady -- Snow Cone

1/19 San Marcos Stakes (Santa Anita) (4yo&up)
Artiste Royal (IRE) -- Medici Code (GB) -- Ferneley (IRE)

1/18 Sweetest Chant (Gulfstream Park) (3yo) (Fillies)
Oilgonewile -- Weekend Strike -- Exe

1/17 Dania Beach (Gulfstream Park) (3yo)
Jack Spratt -- Lime Rickey -- Beacon Hill Road

1/11 Marshua's River (Gulfstream Park) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Waquoit's Love -- Sea Chanter -- Ginger Brew

1/10 Fort Lauderdale (Gulfstream Park) (4yo&up)
Kiss the Kid -- Society's Chairman -- A.P. Magic

1/10 Col. E.R. Bradley Handicap (Fair Grounds) (4yo&up)
French Beret -- Golden Yank -- Wise River

1/4 San Gorgonio Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Tizfiz -- Marzelline (IRE) -- Solar Miss

1/3 Monrovia Handicap (Santa Anita) (4yo&up) (F&M)
Jibboom -- Christiana's Heat -- Lethal Heat

Upcoming Races


12/19 LA Champions Day Turf (Fair Grounds) (3yo&up) (LA)
12/26 Sir Beaufort Stakes (Santa Anita) (3yo)
12/26 WL McKnight (Calder) (3yo&up)
12/27 San Gabriel Handicap (Santa Anita) (3yo&up)

CA - California-bred
IL - Illinois-bred
LA - Louisiana-bred
NM - New Mexico-bred
PA - Pennsylvania-bred
TX - Texas-bred
NYB - New York Breeders
ONT - Ontario-Bred
CAN - Canadian-bred

DH - Dead Heat
F&M - Fillies & Mares
C&G - Colts & Geldings

Note: All races listed $100,000+ purse.

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