MLB Note - Arizona Diamondbacks Greinke, Zack

Sep 23, 2017 - 8:31 AM RHP Zack Greinke made his least effective start of the season, giving up eight runs on nine hits, including three homers, in four innings during Friday's win over Miami. "It was bad from the get-go," said Grenike, whose ERA jumped from 2.87 to 3.18. "Didn't feel like things were real sharp. Any time I felt like I threw a good pitch, they didn't swing at. When I threw a bad pitch, there were ready to hit it." With 198 1/3 innings, Greinke will have to wait until his next start to reach 200 innings for the seventh time since 2008. Cole Hamels, Felix Hernandez, Jon Lester, James Shields and Justin Verlander have eight season of 200 innings since 2008, the only pitchers with more.

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