FanPost Friday: Your Seattle Mariners Spring Training superlatives

Mar 24, 2023 - 6:00 PM
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Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Hello and welcome back to FanPost Friday. Well, there are only five Spring Training games left for these Seattle Mariners and then it’s time for the real thing. With the warm-up pretty much over, we might as well put some bows on these presents before we unwrap them, right?

Spring Training stats are, of course, meaningless in the grand scheme of things. These are the only four things you want to see in Spring Training from your favorite team:

  1. Your position player starters and stars performing at a similar or close-to-it level as they’ve performed in regular seasons past. The eye test here is more important than the actual results
  2. Your starting rotation pitchers and top bullpen arms gradually building up to expected velocity levels and competitiveness
  3. Prospects and other no-hype minors grinders having a few breakout performances, maybe a game-winning hit, etc. It’s good for morale

(/Tosses 2-ton sack of salt over shoulder)

Thankfully the Mariners have avoided any significant injuries this spring, with only Dylan Moore and J.P. Crawford dealing with minor bang-ups. I would like to see the rest of the starters packed in ice and bubble-wrap and put on a plane to Seattle right now, but I’m sure they’ll get a few more reps in this weekend. Fingers crossed for no shenanigans (St. Patrick’s Day is OVER, okay).

Canada v Seattle Mariners Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

All right, if you haven’t been following too closely or you’re just curious about what the actual ST stats are looking like, here’s a handy link. Without further ado, let’s cast those votes for SPRING TRAINING SUPERLATIVES!

Okay, time for some traditional superlatives!

All right, that’s enough for today. This time next week, we’ll be all abuzz from Opening Day at T-Mobile Park the night before. Real baseball is only days away! Have a great weekend and let’s go Mariners.

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