Oklahoma Sooners vs Kansas Jayhawks Odds & Game Pick (2021)

Oct 20, 2021 - 7:28 PM

Oklahoma football has finally hit its stride. Yeah, they are undefeated and won every game with Spencer Rattler, but Rattler turned the ball over too much. He also wasn’t great at running the ball when the play breaks down or leading the team. Freshman QB Caleb Williams has given this team a whole new spark. He protects the football, uses his legs, and is a leader on the football field. Williams has made the Sooners a team that has the potential to make the playoffs. In addition, Williams provides a whole new look on offense, which is critical in betting this game. 

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  • Opening Lines: Oklahoma Sooners -37.5 
  • Current Lines: Oklahoma Sooners -38.5
  • Last Game: November 7, 2020, Oklahoma Sooners 62-9


Let’s face it. Kansas is 1-5, and their fans are ready for college basketball to start next month. They have scored 28 points in Big 12 play and given up 145 points during the same games. They haven’t scored more than 14 points against Big 12 opponents and are giving up a low of 41 points to opposing offenses. On average, Kansas is losing 48-9 when playing Big 12 teams. Oklahoma is the best team in the Big 12, so it makes sense that they would win by more than the average. 

Oklahoma had a rough start to the season. They haven’t lost a game, but they had some close ones. They almost lost to Tulane, who is 1-5 right now. They also almost lost to West Virginia, Nebraska, and Kansas State. Since Williams took over at QB, Oklahoma is averaging 53.5 points per game. This average is perfect for the spread. Oklahoma is averaging 53.5, and Kansas’ highest-scoring game in Big 12 play is 14. That puts the differential at 39.5 points. Oklahoma can play average against the worst team in the Big 12, and Kansas can play their best game. Oklahoma will still cover the spread.

Bottom Line

The numbers make sense on the spread. Oklahoma’s offense has been having their best scoring performances lately. Kansas can’t do anything on offense, even against bad defenses. Oklahoma has the potential to score 60+ points in this game. That means Kansas needs to score less than 21 points for Oklahoma to cover the spread. They haven’t done that in the Big 12 play this year, and this late in the season, it is hard to bet on things that haven’t happened yet. Oklahoma covering the spread has the value in this game. 

Pick: Oklahoma Sooners -38.5 (-110)

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