Goodell, NFL not finished investigating Patriots

Sep 17, 2007 - 2:43 PM FOXBORO, Massachusetts (Ticker) -- Bill Belichick's hopes that "Videogate" is over have been met with disappointment.

Although the fines and the penalties have already been delivered, the NFL's investigation into the Patriots' use of video to decipher opposing teams' signals will continue this week.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has demanded that the Patriots hand over all and any further videos in their possession and has promised to hit the team with fresh penalties if he feels they do not fully comply.

Goodell on Thursday fined Belichick $500,000, and stripped the Patriots of a 2008 draft pick as well as issuing a $250,000 fine.

The Patriots were found guilty of violating league policy by attempting to videotape the offensive or defensive signals of the New York Jets' coaching staff during the season opening game on September 9.

Speaking on NBC prior to the Patriots' 38-14 victory over the San Diego Chargers on Sunday night, Goodell promised to continue his investigation and will look at the practices of all 32 teams.

However, it is clear the Patriots remain in Goodell's sights.

"If I find out new information that is different from what I have, absolutely," Goodell said when asked if he would consider levying further penalties against the Patriots.

During halftime on Sunday, Patriots owner Robert Kraft also spoke to NBC and expressed his disappointment that his coaches had broken the rules.

"Before last Sunday's game, I had no knowledge of this practice," Kraft said. "I must tell you, it was really disappointing, especially after such a great game.

"What made it particularly disheartening, in our group of companies, we hold people to very high standards and this isn't what we're about. I've discussed that with coach Belichick."

Kraft admitted that he initially felt Goodell's penalties were harsh but supported the commissioner's efforts to enforce the rules of the game.

"I must tell you, I was quite upset and perturbed when I saw the penalty because I didn't think that the incident deserved this kind of punishment," Kraft said. "Over the last couple of days I've been thinking about it and have cooled down. I realized he wasn't just sending a message to the New England Patriots - he was sending it to all 32 teams.

"In the end, Commissioner Goodell is the custodian of this game, and the integrity of this game rests on his shoulders. He's sending a message to all teams, and I support that and I think so do the fans who emotionally get charged by us."

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