NFL Power Rankings for Season

Jan 4, 2008 - 3:56 AM By Tom Torrisi PA SportsTicker Pro Football Editor

(Last week's rankings in parentheses)

1. (1) New England Patriots - Daily double: No. 1 in the rankings and No. 1 in (TV) ratings.

2. (2) Indianapolis Colts - Best way to describe Marvin Harrison's season is he took a knee.

3. (3) Dallas Cowboys - The idea is to peak in January, not November.

4. (4) Jacksonville Jaguars - Scored at least 24 points in final 10 games.

5. (5) San Diego Chargers - Yeah, they ended with six straight wins, but combined record of five of those teams was 27-53.

6. (6) Pittsburgh Steelers - Underdogs in home playoff game. How the not-so-mighty have fallen.

7. (7) Green Bay Packers - Closed regular season with ninth 30-plus point game.

8. (8) New York Giants - With nothing to lose, Eli never looked so loose.

9. (9) Seattle Seahawks - A good omen? Two years ago, they started playoffs with home game vs. Redskins and went to the Super Bowl.

10. (10) Tennessee Titans - Is there a better coach in the NFL not named Belichick?

11. (11) Cleveland Browns - Now comes the hard part ... picking next season's starting QB.

12. (12) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The name Barber must be derived from ancient form of babble.

13. (14) Washington Redskins - Showing signs of a team of destiny.

14. (13) Philadelphia Eagles - Late surge a result of Donovan McNabb's health or no pressure to win?

15. (17) Houston Texans - Given injuries and brutal schedule, 8-8 something to build upon.

16. (18) Arizona Cardinals - Huge finale by Kurt Warner got Cards to .500 and won some people a fantasy football title. (Thanks, Kurt).

17. (15) Minnesota Vikings - Reality check: Only two of eight wins came over teams that finished with winning record.

18. (16) New Orleans Saints - Can Reggie Bush play cornerback?

19. (21) Chicago Bears - Can Devin Hester play quarterback?

20. (22) Denver Broncos - Brandon Marshall's the second coming of T.O. ... sans the yapping.

21. (23) Cincinnati Bengals - Carson Palmer rips coaching staff, one of the few targets he hit in the final month.

22. (20) Buffalo Bills - I believe they fall under the "If you have two QBs, you really have none" theory.

23. (24) Carolina Panthers - Easy to forget that Jake Delhomme had a pretty good season - all three games while it lasted.

24. (19) Detroit Lions - Maybe someday Mike Martz will swallow his ego and realize having Marshall Faulk is what made his offensive scheme go.

25. (26) Baltimore Ravens - Brian Billick's know-it-all personality could translate well to television.

26. (25) San Francisco 49ers - Mike Nolan was smart enough to give up power to stay in power.

27. (30) New York Jets - Accomplished one thing in dreadful season finale: making their fans not want to see football for at least nine more months.

28. (27) Kansas City Chiefs - Luckily for Herm Edwards, he found plenty of scapegoats to take the fall.

29. (28) St. Louis Rams - More lambs than Rams, giving up 122 points in last three.

30. (29) Oakland Raiders - Is JaMarcus Russell the future? Can he be any worse than the past?

31. (32) Atlanta Falcons - Not enough material at Arthur Blank's Home Depot to fix this mess.

32. (31) Miami Dolphins - Cam Cameron finds out the meaning of one and done.

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