Talking heads.

Jan 23, 2023 - 1:28 AM

Our folk hero and main character is future Canuck stories, Bruce Boudreau was fired this morning. The idea just came to GMPA last night. But he was prepared and had a whole new head coach lined up this morning....after an extensive search...of 12 hours? I’m confused.

President Jim Rutherford started by saying he was sorrying for the way things went down and owes Bruce an apology for the fact that the media did there job and found out Bruce was getting fired....something like that. The media was to blame for making things bigger than they were....which was Bruce getting the axe, because management didn’t want him there. I want to hear that apology.

Here are some takeaways from the press conference:

“This is not a short term fix.” ~ GMPA

No shit. Bad contracts and the inability to make changes will make it even longer. I would have liked to have known if they even have a plan at the deadline, but at the same time I’m sure they would lie so I guess no answer is better.

“I will not talk about the team. I will zip it” ~ JR

Pres JR said his straight-forwardness with Bruce and the media were the cause of the problem (that the media blew out of proportion and really wasn’t a problem because this is how firings go) and so he will not talk about the Canucks anymore. So the President of the club won’t talk about team matters anymore....bold move.

“ I’m a relationship guy.” ~ RT

So many Twitter jokes that could written if he hadn’t deleted his Twitter today.

RT said he was good at making relationships with players, although he and OEL had issues at the end of Tocchet’s tenure in Arizona. Which RT said it was an issue but not a real issue. Whatever that means. He then added that he created “Relationships with hard rules.” Shots fired at J.T. Miller with this comment. And Miller’s name came up a few times.

Mike Yeo will get a lot of autonomy.” ~RT

Why? No, really....someone please explain this to me. The defensive structure has been weak on so many levels and Yeo can take for it.

If you haven’t seen the press conference...take a moment or 55 and laugh.

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