Wake With Elias: Goalie Goofs

Feb 17, 2023 - 2:00 PM
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Canucks News

  • The news of the week focused on goalies and the unfortunate situation Canucks goalies are in. Of course, the big headline was Arturs Silovs making his NHL debut. Now, was it especially good? No, however, kind of a crappy situation. I don’t begrudge Tocchet for putting him in — in fact, it was maybe the right move given how bad the rest of them have been — and I obviously still think there’s some upside in Silovs. But it goes to show how much of a clown show th
  • Looking for reasons why the net minding has been so bad? Well, this kind of defensive performance doesn’t help. It also goes to show how much heavy lifting Hughes is doing. I said this last week — we do not appreciate that man enough.
  • Kuzmenko has been In the doghouse for Tocchet, but this was pretty impressive. Honestly, the season doesn’t matter anymore. I simply don’t care about structure or two way play. Just keep losing and taking on. Fun stuff like this? That’s what’s gonna sell tickets, why not lean into it.
  • And apparently, he’s had a pretty good attitude about it. It’s a weird dichotomy between management treasuring him and the coaching staff maybe not — keep an eye on that dynamic, could get interesting.
  • In more goalie news, Demko is vehemently denying the rumours around him wanting out. Frankly, I always thought this was silly. Yes, he’s a great asset. A young, cost-controlled goalie with a rock solid track record. But... Why not just keep him then? It’s not like he’s on a different timeline than Petey or Hughes. Obviously trade him if the offer is absurd, but this one never added up to me.
  • And some sad news — former Utica Comets assistant coach Paul Jerrard has passed away. Condolences to his family. Very sad.

Hockey News

  • In sad news, Alex Ovechkin’s father has passed away and Ovechkin will be away for a bit because of it. Obviously this is bigger than hockey and my thoughts are with the Ovehckins.
  • JVR may be on the trade block, and I’m sure he’ll fetch a good return. Just a very consistent, solid, second line winger, and I’m sure he’ll be coveted on the market.
  • Apparently Quartexx Hockey has joined the women’s game, in another interesting and positive development for the sport. Keep an eye on similar moves moving forward.
  • And the Red Wings have signed Olli Maatta to a two-year deal and $3 million per. I honestly had assumed he was washed up, but Wings fans seem happy, so I guess this is good.

BC Place Bulletins

BC Place Bulletins is a Friday WWE feature summarizing scores and news from the local Vancouver sports scene.

  • A new, hometown addition for the Lions, who could use a hometown success story this year. Would sure help the marketing around the club.
  • Some cool new jerseys from the Whitecaps. I actually like these. I saw mixed reaction online, but I think they look pretty dang sharp.
  • I love a good Westshore shoutout, so some news from Pacific FC. I have never been to a Pacific FC for whatever reason, but I hope to get around to it this year. Looks like a fun time.

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