Gamethread #59: Canucks vs Bruins

Feb 25, 2023 - 11:50 PM
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2011 was a long time ago. If my memory was worse, I might have more interest in the season Boston is having. They have only lost 14 times in 57 games. None of those losses are to the Nucks, as the last time these two met the Bruins won.

The Canucks are still a below average team that has been able to come back in the last two games and get some points. The conflict is in all of us as this team gets wins at the wrong points of the year.

Rick Toochet is seems to be running a extended try out for next year, but I wonder if he sticks with a lineup if they start winning some games or does he keep rotating players in from Abby?

A week until the trade deadline and there are a handful of Canucks who could be playing their final game(s) this week. Although the only one who seems like a sure thing to be gone is Schenn. Boeser had flat-lined....Tocchet loves Garland...Demko is still injured...and the monster contracts strangle the team.

Losses would be beneficial, but a win against Boston is always nice.

Go Canucks Go!

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