Wednesday Morning Fly By: In like a Lyon

Mar 22, 2023 - 10:00 AM
Florida Panthers v <a href=Philadelphia Flyers" src="" />
Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

*Would you believe it, folks? The Flyers went and won another game against a team firmly in the playoff mix. They put up six (6) whole goals, weathered a 45 shot storm, and came out of this one with a real, regulation win over our old pal Alex Lyon and the Panthers. What a time to be alive. [BSH]

*Cam York wants to work on his defensive game and has turned to the Flyers’ best defensive defenseman to be his mentor. That’s right, folks. Justin Braun. [Inquirer]

*John Tortorella, noted wordsmith, has a few things he thinks the Flyers need and a few things he thinks are total bullshit. Say what you will about the man but the frankness really is refreshing. [NBC Sports Philly]

*And the man who will be sorting through this big steaming pile of bullshit is, of course, Danny Briere. So is he ready for the job? Charlie compares him to some other current GMs to see how he stacks up. [The Athletic]

*There is something so wholesome about an NHL rookie getting a story in their hometown’s local paper. []

*In case you missed The Big News, the NHL — ever known for their great decisions that improve their product and make fans happy — has decided to partner with Fanatics as their jersey supplier for the next TEN YEARS. Good news is this will likely save you a ton of money because why would you waste it on their garbage product? [ESPN]

*No really, in case you aren’t aware of how bad this is, have a look:

*And finally, NHL players, they’re just like us! They watch hockey games too! And this is a pretty neat insight into what kind of hockey fans hockey players are. A million different kinds, just like us. [The Athletic]

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