Friday Morning Fly By: That’s wild

Mar 24, 2023 - 10:00 AM
Minnesota Wild v <a href=Philadelphia Flyers" src="" />
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

*Will I never stop making the “that’s wild” joke? Probably not. I am sorry if this offends.

*Last night was a good reminder of the fact that the Flyers’ defense has been pretty productive, points-wise, over the last few games. It’s good to see! [Inquirer]

*Speaking of Good Things, there are a few of them to come out of this godforsaken season. Also imagining John Tortorella as Jon Taffer is hilarious. [BSH]

*This is a power ranking in the form of a check-on on every team’s top rookie. Before you look, who would you guess they’re checking on for the Flyers? [Sportsnet]

*Just in case you missed all the other pieces about this very thing this week, we’ve made sure to drive it home for you: this Fanatics deal absolutely stinks. [BSH]

*The top team in the Eastern Conference is very clearly settled but the West? It’s still a jumbly mess out there with any one of five teams plausibly able to finish at the top. Will be interesting to see who gets there in the end. [ESPN]

*The league seems to think its Russian players are in danger if they wear pride jerseys. Quite a bold assertion, really. [The Athletic]

*This is video content, just as an FYI, but Spectacor exec Valerie Camillio had a penpal during the worst parts of the pandemic and they finally had a chance to meet and it is, quite frankly, very sweet. [NBC Philadelphia]

*And finally, we’ve got a brand new Flyperbole for your Friday! Hooray! [BSH]

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