The Noon Number: Johnny Be Necessary

Mar 24, 2023 - 4:00 PM
Chicago Blackhawks v <a href=Washington Capitals" src="" />
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

3 - Number of power-play goals scored this season by Capitals’ blueliners - all of which have come off the stick of John Carlson, who picked up his third power-play goal of the year in the team’s lopsided win over the Blackhawks last night.

And since Carlson has three power-play goals and the team’s blueliners have three power-play goals total, simple math will tell us that leaves a combined zero goals with the extra man for everyone else. Which seems...not good.

Further to that point, all of the Caps’ defensemen not named Carlson have just 18 shots (37 attempts) in just over 253 minutes on the power play, or a shot on goal every 14 minutes (and an attempt every 6.8), which also seems...not good.

Here’s how that looks visually:

 via HockeyViz

Just a little too much blue from the blueliners on the right, no?

Welcome back, John.

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