Coyotes minority owner Andrew Barroway arrested in Colorado on assault charges

Mar 25, 2023 - 5:00 PM
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Yesterday, just before the Arizona Coyotes and Colorado Avalanche were set to face off in Colorado, an alarming story was released. The Aspen Daily News reported that Andrew Barroway, who currently owns 5% of the Coyotes, had been arrested on felony and misdemeanor assault charges related to an incident involving his wife at a Colorado hotel.

Per the report from Aspen Daily News, the affidavit stated that Barroway’s wife’s injuries include “a large bruise on her left thigh, a cut on her right thumb, bruises on both knees and both ankles, a red left cheek and two dried blood spots on her throat.” Reports also indicate that Andrew Barroway strangled his wife with one hand to the point where she “saw stars.”

The judge overseeing the case, 9th Judicial District Chief Judge John Neily, issued a mandatory protection order prohibiting Barroway from having any contact with his wife, except through a third party when they exchange their children. Andrew Barroway was also forbidden to drink alcohol as part of the court order.

The NHL swiftly issued a statement advising that they were suspending Mr. Barroway, meaning that he is “precluded from being active with the club and any club interactions, including attending games.”

There likely wasn’t going to be much interaction with the team anyway, as Craig Morgan also reported that since Barroway, since selling 95% of the team, Barroway has had no functional role.

The details from the report are disturbing, and the NHL’s decision to suspend Mr. Barroway is absolutely correct. Mr. Barroway’s actions need to be swiftly condemned by the NHL, which will hopefully also include removing his 5% ownership stake in the Coyotes. Given the nature of the charges, there will likely be legal consequences for Mr. Barroway as well, although it is too soon to know the full extent.

If you need help, the Arizona Foundation for Women lists several shelters throughout the state. Additionally, if you can donate, I’m sure any of the programs on the list would be happy for your support.

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