Marion Jones' drug use revealed

Dec 23, 2007 - 1:16 AM SAN FRANCISCO (Ticker) -- Fallen track star Marion Jones took a number of performance-enhancing drugs as revealed by released Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative calendars and ledgers, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Saturday.

In order to solidify their case that the former Olympic sprinter lied to federal agents about her drug use, government prosecutors filed the documents in federal court in New York on Friday, the report stated.

Seized during the raid of BALCO in 2003, the calendars and ledgers go into great detail about the drug program that Jones followed prior to the Sydney Olympics, where she won five medals - three golds - to become one of the world's most famous female athletes.

Those medals were stripped from the 32-year-old by the International Olympic Committee on December 12 - after Jones plead guilty in October to making two counts of false statements to federal agents.

According to the Chronicle, Jones was shown to regularly have used the undetectable BALCO designer steroid known as "the clear," along with human growth hormone, insulin and the blood-doping drug erythropoietin, or EPO.

The report also stated that documents revealed that Jones had her blood tested for steroids by a private laboratory to ensure that she could beat stringent Olympic drug tests.

According to prosecutors, Jones told a series of "calculated lies" to federal agents to shield her drug use and connection to BALCO, the report added.

The Chronicle also stated that Jones lied to the government last year when she was questioned about her role in the check fraud scheme.

In a plot that involved Jones' coach Steve Riddick and former partner Tim Montgomery, banks were defrauded by depositing large counterfeit checks - in amounts up to $1 million - into business bank accounts, then moved the money to other accounts before the fraud was discovered, the report stated.

Due to her alleged lies with both drugs and the fraud, prosecutors have suggested that Jones should serve six months in prison, the report stated. She will be sentenced on January 11.

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