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  • Blaw Given that Related News headline over there on the right -- Michigan plans to leave defensive staff together -- one is tempted to ask, "What defensive staff?"

    Illinois 65, Michigan 67  Final - 3OTNov 6 5:07 PM
  • Blaw Let's see, a worthless three-times-benched QB who can't hit anybody, a porous defense and horrendous special teams. The third three-and-out of the game already.

    The Huskies have gone backwards to the point of being an embarrassment. Think I'll watch the Knicks-Celts.

    West Virginia 7, Connecticut 0  1st - 8:38Oct 29 8:29 PM
  • Blaw Great, human fossil Selig and a "blue ribbon panel" of old-timers suspicious of anything resembling modern technology will get together in the off-season and circle the wagons to prevent progress, yet again.

    Hey Fogeys, it's the 21st Century, the umpires suck far too often and the managers and players are too cowardly to say that out loud. While you guys are in denial, the game suffers. When everyone BUT the umpires sees a blown call, the game becomes a laughingstock.

    Familiar trap: Umpires miss again in postseasonOct 7 5:19 PM
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    Blaw Added 5 roots

    Pittsburgh(15) 0, Utah 0  2nd - 14:51Sep 2 9:09 PM

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