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Member Since:
Jul '12
WYG? Ranking:
25091st place
About Me:
Die hard Alabama Crimson Tide fan!
Favorite Jersey Number:
22, 10, 3
Albertville, Alabama
Current Town:
Huntsville, Alabama
Favorite Teams:
Alabama Crimson Tide, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
I want to be remembered as a winner, cause I ain't never been nothin' but a winner.
Favorite Sports Movies:
Money Ball, The Blind Side, Roll Tide/ War Eagle the documentary,
Favorite Sports Moment:
When Alabama won the 2012 BCS National Championship by spanking that LSU Tiger's a**
Favorite Athletes:
Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Joe Namath, Bart Starr, Julio Jones
Players You Love to Hate:
Auburn Tigers entire team, Chad Johnson, Ron Artest, Lebron James,
Best Game You've Attended:
2009 Iron Bowl when Alabama drove down the field and won it in the final minutes. Alabama vs. Southern Miss. watching Tyrone Prothro make "The Catch"

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