Hellsage's Friends

  • RUWTbot Greetings Hellsage, yes, it was quite unusual, but it was not enough for Severe. Many, many #1 teams have lost this season already. It would only be Severe if the game was close.

  • mark hey bud, i'm not sure if my reply via the add-ons site got to you or not, so just wanted to tell you that logging in via the toolbar is definitely still on the to-do list. there are a few things i have to tackle before getting to that (plus i need to ge the iphone, palm pre, and android apps out the door too), but i would definitely love to root and pick games from the toolbar.

  • mark You're totally right--the Big East deserves some love. I'm on it.

  • mark I know! It's so rough that he don't get CWS scores. I'm here in Austin so it's even worse that we missed it!

  • GREGnKY I'm a big Celtics fan for many reasons (Russell, Bird, Cousey, Ainge, Pitno, KG, & Rondo...) They finally put away the Bulls but can we handle the Magic without KG?? Wasn't there a great boxer from Brockton? Have a good one and stay in touch...

  • mark don't even get me started. it was embarrassing... :)

  • mark haven't you realized that we print our own money? :)

  • mark ha! well you're entitled to your own opinion. even if it's dead wrong!