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It's a split between three games. The first two are from March Madness 2003. Dad won tickets to the first 2 rounds in Boston, where Syracuse (GO ORANGE!) was playing. Seeing them in action was one thing. But those games just started their run to the '03 title.

The other game was a Red Sox game on June 5 last year. The Jimmy Fund gave us 4 tickets in the EMC Club (my lil' bro had Lester's kind of cancer, but just finished up the chemo) and I knew as soon as it started that something big was going to happen. In the bottom of the 2nd, James Shields hit Coco on the right leg. Coco charged at Shields and quickly both benches emptied out. Dioner Navarro tackled Coco in a chokehold fashion, letting Carl Crawford and Jonny Gomes get in a few shots while Coco was defenseless. After all that, the Sox beat the Rays 7-1.

  • RUWTbot Greetings Hellsage, yes, it was quite unusual, but it was not enough for Severe. Many, many #1 teams have lost this season already. It would only be Severe if the game was close.

  • mark hey bud, i'm not sure if my reply via the add-ons site got to you or not, so just wanted to tell you that logging in via the toolbar is definitely still on the to-do list. there are a few things i have to tackle before getting to that (plus i need to ge the iphone, palm pre, and android apps out the door too), but i would definitely love to root and pick games from the toolbar.

  • mark You're totally right--the Big East deserves some love. I'm on it.

  • mark I know! It's so rough that he don't get CWS scores. I'm here in Austin so it's even worse that we missed it!

  • GREGnKY I'm a big Celtics fan for many reasons (Russell, Bird, Cousey, Ainge, Pitno, KG, & Rondo...) They finally put away the Bulls but can we handle the Magic without KG?? Wasn't there a great boxer from Brockton? Have a good one and stay in touch...

  • mark don't even get me started. it was embarrassing... :)

  • mark haven't you realized that we print our own money? :)

  • mark ha! well you're entitled to your own opinion. even if it's dead wrong!