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  • paddyncarrie Gotta love it when a plan comes together...yeah!!!!

    Wild 3, Canucks 4  FinalDec 13 1:28 AM
  • paddyncarrie My emotions got in the way of this one I tell you. I was hoping for a miracle but got a milk dud.

    Lions 18, Alouettes 56  FinalNov 23 12:17 AM
  • paddyncarrie How do ya like them enough for ya?

    Canucks 8, Avalanche 2  FinalNov 15 10:55 AM
  • paddyncarrie As a true-blue Canucks fan I truly goofed and picked Colorado. Who would of thunk that it would be 3-0 half-way through the first and possibly be the only team to beat the Avalanche at home this year......TWICE!!

    Canucks 3, Avalanche 0  1st - 6:30Nov 14 10:34 PM

  • geedeebee49 In case you're still wondering... The scoring is based on how many games you are above .500, but not on the winning percentage itself. For example your record is 681-362, which makes you 319 games over .500. My record is 585-271, which makes me 314 games over .500. Although that is five less than you, it's figured like normal wins to losses ratio, in half game increments. So, I'm 2-1/2 games in back of you. Since GGG3 (the leader) has a record of 2,960 - 1,048, which is 1,912 games over .500, and you are 319 games over, then you calculate 1,912-319, which equals 1,593. Divide that by 2, and you get 796-1/2.