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Jul '07
WYG? Ranking:
125th place
Favorite Jersey Number:
12, 21, 33
Keene, NH
Current Town:
Summerville, SC
Favorite Teams:
Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, New England Patriots
Favorite Sports Moment:
Game 4, 2004 World Series. Need I say more?
Best Game You've Attended:
I have to agree with my brother, gebba300. June 19th, 2007, Red Sox at Atlanta. It was great that the rain delay came in the sixth before last call! I think we each shelled out over $100 for beer that game! Oh yeah, final was 4-0 Sox!

  • MattD yeah, but the ration of hot girls to ugly girls is insane and the number of girls far out weigh the number of's almost unfair.

  • MattD Hey, I went to College of Charleston. Great town......go Yanks

  • goCapsRavens Well, on the bright side of the Steroid Era, you now have a legitimate reason to hate the Rocket (well, another) :D

  • NewYorkMets9 I should be in first place, but it's ok.

  • goCapsRavens Thanks. You'll probably be there once baseball starts up again.

  • goCapsRavens Like the Yankees gaining on the Sox :)

  • goCapsRavens Man, I'm 6 and you're 9 now. Too bad we can't count on picking the Red Sox anymore :(

  • goCapsRavens This is getting bad. I'm in 5th, and making ok picks, but I'm losing a ton of good ones from last month, so I dropped a lot.