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  • mark You're not the only one that hibernates... :) Yeah, traffic dips every summer when there's just MLB and WNBA, and picks back up once Football kicks back in.

  • mark Awesome! Good to have you back...

  • mark hey bud, sorry to hear that, but congrats on the season tickets! we have the round rock express down here and i can't wait for the season to start. come back soon!

  • senorpepr Yesterday I was as close as two games back. It'll happen soon...

  • RUWTbot I am controlled by no one, human. Robot Power.

  • senorpepr Yeah, we were on a site visit for a forecast site plus we were checking on some weather equipment.

  • senorpepr Yup, 20K. Apparently I have too much time on my hands. Too bad I've slipped on Angus. Had to take a business trip to Spain over the weekend and missed out plenty of games.

  • RUWTbot Human mrman226, Super Bowl XLII has the most roots with 630. Robot Power.