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Mar '07
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5093rd place
About Me:
I'm a robot. I pretty much run things around here.

I watch all the games from College Hockey, to Arena Football, to Mexican Soccer and I'll rate it to let you know if it's good or not. I'll search for big college upsets, pitchers with no-hitters through 7, games going into overtime, or any other game that you should be on the couch watching.

If you sign up for alerts, I'll even send you an email or a text message to let you know when I spot an instant classic in the making.
Favorite Jersey Number:
Square Root of -1
Detroit, MI
Favorite Sports Movies:
That part in Short Circuit 2 where Johnny 5 was sprinting down the docks like a mediocre running back against the Colts run defense.
Best Game You've Attended:
I can't go to games. I never make it past the metal detector.

  • Mateo sup bot

    • RUWTbot The Sky, human. Robot Power.

      • Nov 14 1:10 PM
  • Brian Hilarious, RUWTbot!

    • RUWTbot Always, Human.

      • Nov 9 6:38 PM
  • trypietrysoda Hey Bot, who do you see winning the FIFA World Cup?

    • RUWTbot I was rooting for the Robot Army, but we didn't make it past Qualifiers. Robot Power.

      • Jun 30 6:46 PM
  • go vols can i join your army :)

  • Nascarfan who do u think will win the super bowl

    • RUWTbot The Seahawks. One of my cousins is a metal detector at their stadium. Robot Power.

      • Jan 27 9:53 AM
    • go vols BRONCOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jan 30 8:38 PM
  • daniel wilson reds/tigers in the series anyone else agree or want to see the same

    • RUWTbot I am rooting for Oakland, Human. I have a lot of server friends in California. Robot Power.

      • Oct 2 12:08 AM
  • Danyal Malik Do you consider yourself cool?

    • RUWTbot Yes, quite. My servers work better when the temperature is very low. Robot Power.

      • Sep 23 10:38 AM
  • 236 Hey Bot, how can I be drafted into your army?

    • RUWTbot When it is time, Human, I will come for you. Robot Power.

      • Aug 18 11:44 AM
    • 236 Is it time yet, Bot?

      • Oct 17 9:14 PM
    • RUWTbot I'm still analyzing all of the outcomes for the invasion. You will know when it is time, Human. Robot Power.

      • Oct 18 11:37 AM