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What We Do

Are You Watching This?! is the world's leading Sports Excitement Analytics company, scouring the globe for exciting games and giving fans a digital tap on the shoulder when it's time to run to the couch.

Relying on live pitch-by-pitch, shot-by-shot data, our API enables sports properties, cable/satellite companies, and sports-centric brands to drive revenue in the only DVR-resistant genre left on TV.

Whether it's Overtime, a No-Hitter, or a Big Upset, our patented technology not only finds the games your subscribers care about, but the ones they're willing to pay to watch and wager on, live.

The Numbers

  • 1 in 4 days has 100+ sporting events
  • Fall Saturdays can reach 500+ games played in a single day
  • Sports are covered on 10,000+ TV stations
  • Provider + ZIP/Postal Code = 2.8 Million+ possible combinations across
    the US and Canada

The Solution

We process real-time data feeds from the leading sports and TV data providers like Sportradar, STATS, Opta, Nielsen, and TiVo, searching for Instant Classics in the making. We use our sport-specific, auto-evolving algorithms to search for comebacks, upsets, rivalries, individual performances, or any other exciting aspect, and give each game an overall numerical score from zero to infinity.

  • Catena
  • Covers
  • DraftKings
  • FOX Sports
  • Hearst
  • IC360
  • Raketech
  • SBNation
  • Sporting News
  • USA Today
  • Venu
  • VSiN

We Invented
Excitement Analytics

Founded in 2006, we sent our first email alert in 2007 for Boise State vs. Oklahoma in their epic Fiesta Bowl matchup. We've rated more than 300,000 games across more than a dozen sports, and our reliance on machine learning means the more games the engine rates, the better it gets at rating games.

  • We Cover It All

    The patented tech tracks every major sport, from the NFL to the NRL, from the NBA to the NBL, from Cricket to Car Racing. We monitor sports around the globe to find the most compelling games at any moment.

  • We Never Miss a Game

    Whether it's Overtime, a No-Hitter, a Close Finish, a huge Rivalry, or the Playoffs are on the line, our engines are monitoring every game so that your customers can not only plan ahead, but get a digital tap on the shoulder when they need to tune in.

  • We're Fast and Secure

    The API Infrastructure spans the globe and spans multiple hosting providers, so we can tote that data rock. Whether you're in Atlanta or Auckland, you'll have fast responses and maximum uptime.

We Can
Lead The Way

  • Data Translation Hub

    Translation Hub

    We're your Rosetta Stone for Data, able to process from and translate between all of the major Sports and TV data providers. We can break you free from data vendor lock-in, and empower you to focus on ground-breaking innovation—not tedious translation.

  • Development

    A decade of innovative development based on the RUWT?! API supercharges our timelines, allowing us to create in weeks what would take months for others.

  • Innovation


    Digital billboards telling fans to run to the couch? Check. Lighting up a skyscraper based on excitement? Check. Outfitting every TV in a sports bar with a wireless LED excitement meter? Child's Play.
    Pushing the envelope is in our DNA.

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