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Our Story

We Know Innovation

A few of the big plays in the Are You Watching This?! highlight reel.

  1. 2006 August
    RUWT?! is Founded

    Are You Watching This?! is Founded

  2. 2007 January
    First Alert

    Boise State vs. Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl is the first alert delivered by RUWT?!

  3. November

    RUWT?! files a provisional patent for a
    "Rating system for identifying exciting
    sporting events and notifying users"

  4. 2008 February
    API and Apps

    RUWT?! launches its API to power its first app, a Firefox Add-On

  5. April
    Bot Launch

    RUWTbot launches on MSN Messenger and Twitter as an interactive, sports-aware bot

  6. 2010 April
    First Customer

    Sporting News adds RUWT?! curation to iPad app, becoming first major customer

  7. 2011 December
    Smart TV

    Launches Smart TV proof of concept that changes TV channels from Android app

  8. 2013 January

    RUWT?! commandeers Austin skyscraper,
    lighting up roof each night based on excitement of College Football Bowl Game

  9. April
    Down Under

    RUWT?! expands overseas, building and launching SportsFan app for Australian giant Telstra

  10. 2014 March
    Ring of Fire

    Partners with local sports bar to display wireless LED excitement meters on every TV during March Madness

  11. 2016 August
    Patent Granted

    USPTO grants first of three patents to RUWT?!, giving exclusive rights to Excitement Analytics until 2033

  12. 2017 July

    Partnership struck with sports data giant

  13. 2019 April
    MetaBet Launches

    Sports Gambling Joint Venture creates product suite for media companies enabling dead-simple monetization of sports content through Sportsbook Affiliate Revenue

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