About Are You Watching This?!

Are You Watching This?! is a sports-obsessed, technology-driven studio in Austin, Texas that focuses on the intersection of killer technology, rich data, and powerful user experience. We're the leading provider of real-time Excitement Analytics data for college and professional sports around the globe, and work with leading brands to build state of the art, rock-solid technology to engage with fans, on any device in any location.

Are You a Sports-Focused Company?

From sending SportsFan Push Notifications in Auckland to powering digital billboards flashing March Madness Upset! in Atlanta, we are proud to call companies like CBS Sports, Sporting News, Telstra, and Turner Sports, all customers.

Our extensive and diverse application-building experience uniquely positions RUWT?! as not just a technology partner, but an industry-leading domain expert at engaging customers via a love of sports.

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Are You a Sports Fan?

Doing Laundry. Raking the leaves. Went to sleep early. Are any of these worthwhile reasons for missing tonight's Instant Classic? No, we didn't think so either.

Join the ranks of our 25,000 Super Fans to get email or text alerts from RUWTbot with the score, time left, and channel you need to turn to to catch the game. If you make the cut, you can also "root" for games and drive up any game's Excitement Score.

Don't be the loser at the water cooler the next day that missed an Instant Classic.

What's with the colors?

When RUWTbot finds a game he likes, he'll root for it. The more roots he adds, the more exciting the game is. If you're watching a game that's getting good, you can let your voice be heard by rooting for it too.

  • EPIC - Drop everything you're doing. This is Boise State vs. Oklahoma, Lebron vs. Pistons, and no-hitter in the bottom of 9th territory. Find the nearest TV post-haste.

  • HOT - Any game that is in overtime or extra innings, and sometimes just a close finish or upset possibility will reach HOT. This game is definitely worth turning on the TV for.

  • GOOD - A GOOD game is starting to get good. It's a tied game in the top of the 9th, or maybe a ranked team down at halftime. If you already have the TV on, you might as well click over and check it out.

  • OK - All games start off as OK. Snoozers and blowouts are OK. Not even their momma would vote for a game that's OK.