Golfer Hoffmann reveals MD diagnosis

Dec 5, 2017 - 10:30 PM PGA Tour player Morgan Hoffmann says he has been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and that his right pectoral muscle is nearly gone.

In a story Hoffmann wrote for The Players' Tribune website, he says he started to notice his right pectoral deteriorating about five years ago. He saw more than 25 doctors as his weakness progressed and his swing speed decreased.

He says he was diagnosed in November 2016.

"Even though the type of muscular dystrophy that I have doesn't pose an immediate threat to my life, there is a good chance that it will shorten it," Hoffman wrote.

"I don't know when that will happen, because there's no way to gauge the speed at which the disease will spread.

"But please know this: This disease won't keep me from achieving my dream of winning on the PGA Tour - and it shouldn't keep anyone else from chasing their dreams either."

Hoffmann has yet to win in his five years on the PGA Tour.

He said the characteristics of his type of muscular dystrophy - called facioscapulohumeral - are atrophy of the chest, back, neck, arms and sometimes the legs.

"Each case is different, and some muscles degenerate more quickly than others," Hoffmann wrote.

"As of now, the disease has progressed slowly - only the right and a minimal amount of the left pec have deteriorated since I first started noticing an issue six years ago.

"Doctors are searching for a cure, conducting stem cell research and experimenting with growth hormone treatments. I'm hopeful that they are on the right track."

Source: AAP

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