Are You Watching This?! is a technology-driven studio in Austin, Texas that focuses on the intersection of killer technology, rich data, and powerful user experience. We're the leading provider of real-time Excitement Analytics data for college and professional sports around the globe, and work with leading brands to build state of the art, rock-solid technology to engage with fans everywhere, on any device in any location.

Put our tech chops to work.

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Excitement Analytics

We invented Excitement Analytics in 2006, monitoring sports around the globe to find the most compelling games at any moment. The patented technology tracks every major sport, from the NFL to the NRL, from the NBA to the NBL, from Cricket to Car Racing. Whether it's overtime, a no-hitter, a close finish, a big upset, a huge rivalry, or the playoffs are on the line, our engines are monitoring every game so that your subscribers can not only plan ahead, but get a digital tap on the shoulder when they need to tune in.


We have more than a decade of experience building sports-focused technology that delights fans. Whether its building smartphone and tablet apps for Telstra, or mobile-friendly HTML5 screens for Bleacher Report, we have the technical experience and horsepower to bring your vision to life.


With a Global Infrastructure spread strategically across 10 cities around the globe, the RUWT?! API is built for speed and maximum uptime. Live since 2008, you can communicate with the "multilingual" API using the IDs and nomenclature of any major data provider.

We can break you free from legacy vendor lock-in, whether you get your sports data from Opta, STATS, or Sportradar; whether you get your TV data from TMS/Gracenote or Rovi.

Brand Activation

Digital Billboards across the country flashing UPSET! during March Madness? Check. Lighting up a skyscraper different colors based on game excitement? Done. Installing custom, wireless Excitement Meters on every TV in a Sports Bar? Child's play.

Sports can engage customers like no other genre, and we have the creativity to build the perfect campaign for your brand, regardless of the medium.