WNBA set to unveil new marketing campaign "Watch Me Work"

Jan 28, 2016 - 11:14 AM NEW YORK (AP) As the WNBA is preparing to tip off its 20th season this May, the league has a new marketing campaign: ''Watch Me Work.''

''I'm excited about it,'' Indiana Fever star Tamika Catchings said. ''I think it's finally something that characterizes us not necessarily as trying to be a fashion model or trying to be something else, but catching us in the gym, the workouts we do to prepare for the games. It spotlights those aspects.''

The initial television spot will debut Saturday during the NBA's primetime game between San Antonio and Cleveland. It highlights the legacy of the league intermixing its past with its present.

''As you look at the campaign, what you'll see is a celebration of the talent of the athlete,'' said Pam El, who is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the NBA. ''We know these athletes are dynamic athletes and women who wear a lot of different hats. Teammates, colleagues, mothers, role models. They are amazing basketball players.''

The inaugural ad showcases stars Brittney Griner, Candace Parker, and Diana Taurasi among others working out on and off the court. The campaign is an offshoot of last year's playoff version, ''Watch Me.''

''It's kind of raw and catchy,'' Catchings said. ''Watch me work not only in the weight room, but watch me work as I'm getting ready for the game. There's going to be a lot of different aspects of it. Every single player will get behind it.''

The season is expected to begin on May 14 with the WNBA taking a month-long break at the end of July for the Rio Olympics.


AP Video: http://playvideo.co/642081c0-421e-4a9b-8f15-97da7eb6a6bc


To watch the new spot: https://youtu.be/fu5ME9kpDhs

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