Are You Watching This?! was founded in 2006 and we're the leader in Sports Excitement Analytics.

Our patented algorithms monitor data from in-progress games around the globe, hunting for Instant Classics in the making. Companies like Bleacher Report, CBS, Comcast, Golf Digest, Sports Illustrated, and Turner Sports rely on a mix of our real-time API, global infrastructure, and development chops to drive revenue and enhance their customer experiences.

We're a growing, self-funded, profitable company—here, watching sports is part of the job. Our direct competitor is a clone with $5M in funding and a dozen employees, and we're winning.

If the thought of having access to every real-time statistic imaginable, arriving on and processed by our servers faster than you'll see it on live TV is intriguing, we should talk.

Data Entry Management Lead

Type: Full Time
Location: Austin, Texas (WeWork)

RUWT?! has been around for more than 10 years, but this new product that you'll lead is one of the most exciting product launches we've ever had.

The product is data-based, and will require a large amount of data entry. Initially, you'll be responsible for most of this data entry, but as the product's coverage quickly grows (along with the amount of data we capture) new employees will be hired to handle the data entry, and you'll transition to managing them and ensuring all of the data is accurate.

What we're looking for:

  • Attention to detail is a must.
  • A critical eye that takes pride in accuracy.
  • Comfortable searching multiple websites for information, and can do it quickly.
  • Experience (and a love of) watching sports on TV is helpful, but not required.

Sports-Loving Developer

Type: Full Time
Location: Austin, Texas (WeWork)

At our core, RUWT?! is a data-based company, but the data is worthless if our customers can't launch projects to utilize them. Large companies and brands rely on us as an external, sports-focused studio, helping them concept, design, develop, launch, and host new experiences. If you've ever worked in an agency environment, it will feel very familiar.

In a given week, our work will span from native iOS and Android development, to responsive HTML5 development, to algorithm development in Java, to upgrading our 10-city, global API infrastucture. We're looking for candidates with experience in at least one of these realms, but more importantly, someone excited to learn many more.

What we're looking for:

  • A strong desire to drive creative and product decisions for our products and our customers' apps.
  • An affinity for a dynamic environment, where staying nimble to meet the needs of customers is paramount.
  • Writing well-documented code AND source code commits doesn't feel like a chore.
  • A love of sports.