The Daily Catch: Mar 21, 2023

Mar 21, 2023 - 3:30 PM

Happy Tuesday, readers! Shay Weintraub, here, and if you watched Japan vs. Mexico in the WBC last night I have one question for you:

Is there anything more beautiful than baseball?

After Rounds 1 & 2, our leaders for the Lookout Landing Readers Bracket Challenges are:

Men’s Tourney: ThatGroovyThing

Women’s Tourney: Corco’s Bracket

Here’s today’s catch:

Photos of the Game (vs. MIL)

No photos available.

SM and SM on SM

Seattle Mariners and some more on social media, that is.

Our guys went on a run to In-N-Out:

Yesterday Jarred Kelenic left the game early without any indication as to why and naturally the trade rumors began to swirl. This is my favorite, and most relatable reason for his early exit:

Necessity is the mother of innovation.

Congratulations to the Wong family on their new addition!

Daily Trivia Question

Yesterday’s answer: Ben Gamel never wore #10

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