NBA Power Rankings: Week 23 (2022)

Mar 22, 2022 - 2:55 AM

The NBA regular season concludes in mid-April and now that we’re already in mid-March, many bottom-tier teams are already eliminated from the playoffs.

Each week we’ve been giving out our Power Rankings with odds for each team to win the NBA Championship. This week is the first time we’ve had to list some odds for the bottom-tier teams as N/A. This only means that playoff basketball in the NBA is about to be here.

Check out our Power Rankings for Week 23 below and determine which team has the most value in the futures market, including odds of winning the NBA Championship via FanDuel.

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Odds via FanDuel

Where's The Value?

Memphis Grizzlies

I think we were all waiting for the rise and fall of the Memphis Grizzlies. After all, this team is young but extremely talented. The Grizzlies are second in the Western Conference and will more than likely finish in the top four in the West once the postseason begins. With home-court advantage and some potentially favorable matchups down the line, the Grizzlies at +2100 is very valuable.

Denver Nuggets

Reports have been on and off about Jamaal Murray. At first, Murray was going to ease himself back and potentially play in the playoffs. Now, other reports are saying that there's no way he and his teammate Michael Porter Jr. even taste the NBA this season.

I have no idea what to expect, but right now the Nuggets are 42-30 and will absolutely find a spot in the playoffs. The goal right now is to stay out of the play-in games and make it into the top four. Let's see if the Nuggets can figure it out. If Murray or Porter Jr. randomly return, that futures ticket is going to be very valuable as well.

Teams You Should Stay Away From

Brooklyn Nets

I don't want to look. The Nets are 10 games out of first place but also two games above 10th place Atlanta. The Nets aren't automatically in the NBA Playoffs and with Ben Simmons still not playing and Kyrie Irving still not able to play at home, the Nets are seriously in a dangerous spot. If the Nets get healthy down the line, the Nets will be fine. But this is getting seriously close now for the Nets. Be careful. At +600, there's no value there. The Nets might not even make the playoffs after all!

New York Knicks

I know what Knicks fans are thinking. The Knicks are just five games out of the 10 spot in the East and aren't officially eliminated from the NBA Playoffs. Don't do it. Julius Randle has given no effort to this Knicks team and clearly wants to be elsewhere. The passion you saw from him last year is missing and he's just throwing tantrums now. At +50000 the odds are amazing, but the Knicks, even if they do get into the playoffs, certainly aren't winning it all.

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