Boston College guard laughs at Dad's comment

Jan 22, 2010 - 4:43 AM BOSTON(AP) -- Ayla Brown wasn't surprised when her father, newly elected Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, used his victory speech to advertise for a potential suitor for the Boston College guard.

It was just dad being dad.

"I think people are finally realizing he likes to joke around," she said after Boston College's 70-68 loss to No. 25 Virginia on Thursday night. "I think every daughter could relate to how I felt in that moment."

Brown, best known as the "pickup driving candidate," won the Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy in a special election Tuesday.

During his acceptance speech, Brown said both 21-year-old Ayla and 19-year-old Arianna were available before changing and saying only Ayla was.

"Oh, yes. That was very interesting," Ayla Brown said. "That was my Dad."

When asked if she spoke to him about it, she responded: "I definitely had a talk with him. My Mom and I said, Dad, `You always do that.' It was really funny."

Wearing a Boston College football sweatshirt, Brown attended his daughter's game along with wife, Gail Huff, a Boston television reporter.

Ayla, a senior at BC, said she has been flooded with Facebook friend requests since the comment. But she added she doesn't want to meet anyone through Facebook.

"I want meet someone that would like to come up to me," she said, smiling.

Ayla, who was in the final 13 of `American Idol' before her freshman season, understands the celebrity status her father has gained.

"I think my Dad's more famous than me, which is totally fine," she said. "I'll give it up to him."

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