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Mar 6, 2023 - 2:30 PM
Las Vegas In 1975
Photo by Donaldson Collection/Getty Images

Monday, March 6

Softball Judi Garman Classic recap - AH

Tuesday, March 7

A&T/BVB/Golf/Tennis/WLAX recap - SMC

Wednesday, March 8

Football: A’lique Terry article - hyth

Thursday, March 9

MBB P12 Tournament Quarters vs WSU/Cal, 2:30pm PT Pac-12 - BW

Friday, March 10

Baseball v UCLA, 4pm PT OLS - AH

Softball @ UW, 6pm PT Pac-12 - AH

MBB P12 Tournament Semis, 6pm PT Pac-12 - AH

Saturday, March 11

Baseball v UCLA, 2pm PT OLS - SMC

Softball @ UW, 4pm PT Pac-12 - SMC

MBB P12 Tournament Finals, 7:30pm PT ESPN - SMC

Sunday, March 12

Baseball v UCLA, 12pm PT OLS - BW

Softball @ UW, 12pm PT Pac-12 - BW

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