Recruiting Reset: Missouri might have found a steal in 3-star Ryan Jostes

Mar 17, 2023 - 2:00 PM

If you saw the news that Mizzou got another tight end commit and asked yourself, “ANOTHER ONE?!” please know you’re not alone. I, too, asked the same questions. How many scholarship tight ends is too many?

Thankfully, I don’t think we’re going to have to answer that question in the immediate future.

While 3-star Washington, Missouri product Ryan Jostes is technically listed at tight end, I’m willing to go out on a limb and suggest his future is somewhere along the offensive line. His receiving statistics from a year ago are as follows: 4 receptions for 37 yards. His blocking statistics: 96 pancakes (according to his HUDL page).

That checks out. His film is basically eight minutes of watching an offensive lineman irritate the hell out of the defensive player he’s going up against. His motor never stops until his man is either on the sideline or in the dirt. He’s athletic enough to get out in space and get to the second level. He’s physical enough to win at the point of attack. The one thing we don’t see a ton of on Jostes’ film is true pass sets. I would imagine that will be the first thing the coaching staff will drill into him upon arriving on campus at Mizzou.

Jostes is the first known offensive line commit for Missouri’s 2024 class, and he was the second known commit in the class, regardless of position. The 14th ranked player in the state is one worth keeping an eye on. This is a player that might take some time, but could eventually develop into quite the tackle at the collegiate level.

Where he fits: I gave this away previously, but I think Jostes has tackle written all over him. In fact, I think he could be a prototypical right tackle at the next level. Jostes’ HUDL page is incredibly helpful, because it lists his wingspan (79.5 inches). To put that in perspective, Larry Borom had an 80-inch wingspan when he was measured at the NFL Combine. That length is going to be incredibly helpful as Jostes tries to adjust to the college level.

It’s not only Jostes’ wingspan that makes him a fit along Missouri’s offensive line. His entire profile seems to fit in with what the Tigers have done at tackle under Eli Drinkwitz. I went through and took a look at the listed height and weight of the offensive line commits at the time they committed under Eli Drinkwitz.

They are as follows:

  • 2023 - Brandon Solis: 6’7, 275
  • 2023 - Logan Reichert: 6’7, 345
  • 2022 - Valen Erickson: 6’6, 315
  • 2022 - Tristan Wilson: 6’5, 300
  • 2022 - Armand Membou: 6’5, 305
  • 2022 - Curtis Peagler: 6’5, 340
  • 2021 - Connor Tollison: 6’5, 285
  • 2020 - Mitchell Walters: 6’8, 275
  • 2020 - Zeke Powell: 6’5, 295
  • 2020 - Drake Heismeyer: 6’3, 285

Notice a trend? Most of Missouri’s offensive linemen - especially those who have spent any time at tackle - were 6-foot-5 or taller and somewhere in the 275 to 300-pound range at the time they committed to Missouri. Jostes is listed at 6-foot-6 and 285 pounds. Certainly fits the mold.

When he’ll play: Okay, this is where I do need to tamp down the hype a bit. Jostes might have to wait his turn for real playing time at Mizzou. Armand Membou has a chance to handle one of the Tigers’ tackle spots for at least the next couple seasons. The hope is at least one of Mitchell Walters, Valen Erickson or Logan Reichert can handle another. Could Jostes push his way into that mix? It’s possible. But I wouldn’t count on it - not right away, at least.

Waiting on an offensive lineman to develop is not a bad thing. We saw the pitfalls of expecting a young player to come in and play right away when Connor Tollison was expected to do exactly that last season. If it takes three years to develop a legitimate starting tackle, sign me up.

What it all means: I was highly impressed by Jostes’ film; more-so than I expected to be. He’s a high-motor offensive tackle with the potential to kick some serious butt in the running game. I think the biggest project at the collegiate level will come in pass pro, but his length will help him in that regard. He’s highly athletic with the ability to win in space.

This is the kind of player worthy of taking early in a recruiting class. He’s only a 3-star recruit, but Jostes could give Missouri 4-star production.

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