Gamethread #46: Canucks vs Oilers

Jan 22, 2023 - 2:50 AM
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I wasn’t sure I would write the gamethread tonight after yesterday’s news, but since we all have a time limit to this place it seems, why stop writing now?

You know who else got screwed over by their overlord boss.....

There has been a lot said and written over the past couple months about Bruce’s relationship with management. So I guess I can add my two cents...

The past two years has been a complete shit show when it comes to running a business.

Thank you Francesco.

Refresher for those who don’t remember.

Dec 5th 2021: Benning and Green fired.......Boudreau hired...Smyl interm GM

Rutherford was hired a couple days later and Allvin a month after.

So Francesco hired a coach before management. It turns out that the new management didn’t really want Bruce, but the team had responded to the coaching change, so when JR and GMPA were asked about Bruce, they insinuated that they weren’t happy with the team’s system, which is a obvious way of saying the coaching is weak.

JR was forced to have Bruce this year because of last year. There is conflicting thoughts on BB’s contract as to who had the option, but in the end it doesn’t matter. Bruce was embraced by the players and city so he was back this year. Much to the chagrin of management. It seems that JR and GMPA are the bad guys.

Having management as real villains instead of inept nice guys is a change for this fanbase. You really have to go back to Mike Keenan to have a comparison. The way they treated a nice person and good coach will be remembered for quite a while. And if Frankie thought he could bring in new villains to distract people from looking at his record as owner...

Now about tonight’s game....

I expect a loss. Players are waiting for Bruce to get fired and that’s hard when you like your coach. This is different from when Green was shown the door. Players were a lot happier when Bruce arrived. Unfortunately, this change needs to happen as well. Bruce is a good coach, but he doesn’t have his bosses support. No trades will be done until Bruce is gone, so that he gets no credit if it works out. Power struggles in companies are very real as we have seen with Rachel Doerrie and the Canucks....and VOX and their NHL sites.

I hope for a win for Bruce.

Go Canucks Go!

Sell the team Frankie.

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