Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: The ‘Why Are You The Way You Are?’ Edition

Jan 27, 2023 - 11:35 PM
2022 Hockey Hall Of Fame Induction - Red Carpet
Jim Rutherford walks the red carpet at Meridian Hall prior to the Hockey Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony on November 14, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. | Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It’s time for another edition of the Nucks Misconduct Roundtable. We get our writers together and ask them a number of questions about the state of this team we’ve been cursed to follow. Sometimes they play it straight, sometimes it’s Westy and Jimmi, but you’ll always get the unvarnished opinions on the Canucks here.

1- Let’s see... what shall we talk about first? How about something simple: Is the handling of the Bruce Boudreau firing the worst thing the Canucks have ever done?

Beggsy -

The wound is fresh, but signing Messier was worse.

Westy - Worse than giving Lu a 12 year contract? Getting rid of Linden multiple times? I guess it’s all about timing. Today’s crappy treatment of underlings will be eclipsed some day down the road. Maybe Vox can give Francesco lessons.

jimmi - It’s a tie! But worse. It’s a disgusting trend of serial fan abuse. Across ownership cabals. Like the teams, we’re just playthings for billionaires too. How entertaining.

Markus - It’s certainly bad but I’m not even entirely convinced it’s the worst thing they’ve done in the last year. Doerri, FA’s child abuse claims... There are some contenders.

Kent- I’d like to say that it’s the worst thing they’ve done this month, but there’s still a couple days left. The ripple effect of how Boudreau was treated will harm this franchise and their ability to attract quality people for a generation.

2- Is the worst behind them now, or is it only the beginning? Some predictions on what happens next, if you please.

Beggsy - The worst? Yet behind them?

If “they” (management) thinks that’s the case, they don’t know much about the cursed history of the Canucks.

I’ll say the worst is behind them in the very short term, ONLY because it’s hard to sink below the handling of Bruce Boudreau’s firing.

That being said, if they either keep or get a crappy return on Horvat, the opinion in this market of the management team will continue to sink. Couple that with a run under Tocchet where the Canucks miss the playoffs AND fall out of the Bedard sweepstakes, and fans won’t be happy.

But, there hasn’t been legitimate happiness for almost a decade, so par for the course.

Westy - It takes time for players to adjust to a system and then have to adjust that system when they play better teams. Throw in the fact that this team should have a major piece or two leave....more adjustments. I think the Canucks will have 6th place in the Pacific locked down for the rest of the year.

jimmi - Despite the optimism shown above, this clown show can still trip over its own clown shoes. Repeatedly. Finish 29th in the NHL, still miss out on Bedard and select a prospect at 9th that suffers a career-ending injury, misdiagnosed for years.

There would also be a downside.

Markus - Honestly, I think so, or at least I hope so. JR never wanted Boudreau, and now he has his guy, so hopefully he stops acting so strange about the coaching. Now, will they take action at the deadline is the big question. I’m going to say yes, but if they don't get future assets for Bo, we’re back on the disaster train.

Kent- I have three words for you: Bo. Horvat. Injury. It feels so inevitable I am not sure I can even watch the next few games. It can, and will get worse.

3- So... is this a dealbreaker for your fandom with the Canucks if it went down?

Beggsy - Look, ownership and management in charge of this team have done some horrendous, heinous crappy things (especially ownership). It’s fair to despise them and not support anything they do.

But, no matter what happens, or how dark it gets I grew up loving this team. I’ll always be around to see them succeed.

Westy - I try and separate the business people from the game...although there are moments when it is impossible. Luckily, I live so far away that I don’t have to have the conversation of spending my money on this team.

jimmi - Not surprised the Grand Emperor of Hockey in his grand arrogance would have contacted God’s Own Coach. Doesn’t lower my low subterranean opinion of this pathetic owner/management group.

Expecting the worst from these tone-deaf narcissists is one of the great Nucking fan traditions. Unlike the team’s on-ice performance, their disgusting behaviour rarely surprises.

Markus - This is like, a median outcome at this point. It would not shock me at all.

Kent- True story: A couple weeks ago one of my supervisors at work was trolling me saying the Canucks were going to hire Babcock in place of Boudreau, before any of the rumours had surfaced. I told him to shut his dirty, Leaf-loving mouth. I then yelled at him on Monday for almost making that come true.

4- Let’s shift away for a moment and look at the NHL for a moment. Given the way the government in Florida has been reacting totally rationally and normally to an NHL initiative to grow the game to people who are not affluent white males, should this be the last time the state’s teams get rewarded with things like the All Star Game and prestige events like outdoor games?

Beggsy - Yeah, fuck Ron DeSantis.

And also, fuck the NHL for caving to his political pandering.

I put this one on the NHL. I expect Southern US right-wing politicians to act like dirtbags. The NHL however, didn’t have to bend and cave to his bullshit.

Westy - The moment Bettman stops caving to Florida, the teams will struggle with attendance. Bettman is all about business and creating revenue, not social change.

jimmi - All of the above. And big shoutout to head douchebag Bettman, for taking Canada’s game into the hall of shame.

Markus - Ron DeSantis, as always, handled this situation like the very normal and cool guy he is. I’m half-surprised he hasn't already introduced legislation to like, stop woke sports leagues from operating in Florida or something. Feels like we’re just steps away from that so I suspect Gary will just stay away for a while.

Kent- The All Star Game being in Florida just feels gross when you look at all the efforts that the league tries to make to step towards inclusivity. And naturally, when one of these bully douchebags challenge them on it, Uncle Gary rolls onto his back like a dog. I’d wonder if he was embarrassed by how pathetic a response that was, but he’d have to be capable of actual human emotion for that.

5- And finally... since it’s been something I have been pondering these past few weeks: How do you feel about having a backup team to cheer for? If you’re cool with it, who would you consider, and who’s a no go?

Beggsy - Haha, to be honest, I feel like I kind of have three backup teams.

I do want to cheer for Canadian teams, but Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary are all out of the question. I want no part in seeing those teams do well.

Aside from Vancouver, that leaves Winnipeg, Montreal and Ottawa. Ironically enough, my dad is from Winnipeg, my mom is from Montreal, and my wife is from Ottawa.

So, I do quietly cheer for all three of those teams to succeed.

Westy - I grew up with the 80s Oilers. They were my team....and then Gretzky went poof and Messier turned evil. I can’t cheer for them. I can’t cheer for Calgary. NoNoNo. I’m not sure I could change allegiances. If I had to, I would see which team is in my time zone, so I could watch later games.

jimmi - I can totally cheer for another team. That other NHL team the Sedins played for. Ummm... can’t recall the name just now. Which reminds me, how do the Sedins feel about working for the Nucks new Sith Lord?

Otherwise, will have to wait until the NHL move a franchise to Saskatoon or Halifax and see how it goes.

Markus - Usually I just halfheartedly bandwagon a team come the playoffs, since we haven't exactly been a presence there lately. I like a lot of what the Hurricanes do and they have a cool logo so they’re usually my go-to. Because it’s such a copycat league, I like seeing smart teams do well (which is why I approve of the TBL and Avs cup wins recently). If it means more teams stop doing dumbass boomer moves, I’m for it.

Kent- This is something that I’ve struggled with for a while. The Alberta teams are out, as are the Habs and Leafs. There’s already too many fucking Bruins fans out here (seriously, it’s just weird how many of them there are in this area. It’s like a cult), and most teams do shit that annoys me, so the options are limited. I was also an Islanders fan when I was a kid, but as long as Evil Lou is alive, that’s out of the question. So I suppose I could see a casual fan relationship with Ottawa or Buffalo, though the Sabres owners are pretty awful too. Maybe I need to just start watching hurling or something.

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