Public Skate: All-Star Skills Competition

Feb 3, 2023 - 9:00 PM
Washington Capitals Alexander Ovechkin, NHL Scotiabank Fan Fav Breakaway Challenge
Set Number: X81758 TK2 R1 F84

Welcome to Skills Competition Friday!

I’ll be honest: I thought the Skills Competition was Saturday and the game was on Sunday, but here we are.

How to watch

ESPN is airing the competition in the US and on Sportsnet and TVA up north. The ESPN broadcast will start at 7 PM.

What are the Skills Competition events?

There are seven events this year, and I’m listing them below without their corporate sponsor. Please don’t sue me.

I only added descriptions to the newer ones, you all know the rest:

  • Fastest Skater
  • Breakaway Challenge
  • Tendy Tandem - I don’t fully understand this one. There’s something about a “shooting goalie” and an “in-net goalie,” plus celebrity shooters. Someone in the comments will know more than me.
  • Splash Shot - Held on the beach. Players will shoot at targets to try to dunk their opposition.
  • Accuracy Shooting
  • Pitch N’ Puck - Players will use a combination of hockey and golf to play a par 4 golf hole.
  • Hardest Shot

Where can I watch the Bruins in these competitions?

David Pastrnak: Breakaway Challenge

Linus Ullmark: Tendy Tandem

That’s right, folks: two whole events featuring your Boston Bruins. Catch the fever!

Anyways, if you’re watching tonight...discuss.

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