Don't follow rugby, follow me: Eddie Jones

Nov 17, 2017 - 11:23 PM Eddie Jones has joked that he will provide the entertainment if England fail to ignite Twickenham in Saturday's showdown with Australia.

A laboured 21-8 victory over Argentina delivered the 20th win of Jones' 21-Test reign, but it was a disappointing start to the autumn that at one stage enraged the head coach.

The camera in front of the management box showed Jones slam down his notebook and mouth "'F***, how f****** stupid are we?'' - an outburst for which he subsequently apologised after being scolded for swearing by his mum Nellie.

"I'm sure Sky Sports are going to be on me the whole game. I'll try to provide some entertainment," Jones said.

"I've got a nice new white English pen. If I throw that it's going to create some great television. If the rugby doesn't entertain you I'll find another way to entertain you.

"The camera is part of sport these days. I reckon they could get a bit closer. We've asked them to get a bit closer and have more shots.

"Don't follow the rugby, just follow me. Didn't you see me against Argentina? What do I have to do this week? Jump from the grandstand?!"

Traditionally it has been Jones who wages the phoney war against his former paymasters, but leading into his stewardship's fifth meeting between the old rivals he has conducted a charm offensive.

While opposite number Michael Cheika has accused England of being bullies who hit the half-backs late, following up comments made by his assistant Stephen Larkham that Jones is spoilt by the vast resources available to him, Australia have been lavished with praise.

"You see all the stuff that's coming out now. I love Stevie Larkham - tell him I love him, will you?" Jones said.

"When we get out there on Saturday it doesn't matter whether you've got a union with PS450million ($A882 million) in the bank or one million Australian dollars in the bank - it's all even."

The main target of Jones' anger this week has been the media reaction to one of the poorest performances of his tenure.

"It's like we've gone into reverse after one 80-minute performance so I'm trying to get the team out of reverse. If I can get them going forward - even in first gear - we'll be doing well," Jones said.

Source: AAP

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