German church in Euro16 national colours

Jul 7, 2016 - 8:13 AM A Bavarian church will be wrapped in the national colours of black, red and gold for Thursday's semi-final between Germany and France, but it is more of a coincidence than an act of sporting patriotism.

St Coloman's church in the Upper Bavarian market town of Kirchseeon is shrouded in the coloured awning of a pest control firm that is eradicating woodworm in the 11th century Catholic place of worship.

Thorsten Brendel from the company, Binker Materialschutz, said on Wednesday that they used the patriotic awning, as they worked a lot outside Germany.

The awning is expected to be gone by the weekend, when the hopefully woodworm-free church will be open again to the praying public, but should Germany make it to the final on Sunday, the church in the village of Hayn in the Harz mountains will have its roof bedecked in the national colours while Brendel's firm works there.

Source: AAP

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