Monday Freedom Kicks: We’ve moved, come join us!

Feb 27, 2023 - 12:00 PM
MLS: Playoffs- Round One-Atlanta United at New York City FC
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Hi there. We’ve talked awhile back about how we’re going to be no longer supported by Vox, and were developing plans around that. So, in sum, we have. We’ve moved over to The District Press, where you’ll find content on D.C. United, the Washington Spirit, Loudoun United and heck, even a Freedom Kicks over there this very morning. Come on over, check us out, comment, leave feedback, what have you.

Two things as you drift over; the first being we ask for your time and patience in this. You’re finding this new space and stretching it out as we are, and there are bound to be hiccups, growing pains and the like. It’s natural, so please bear with us.

The second is full credit for this goes to Sarah Kallassy. She’s put this together, along with working a day job, being a Mom of two kids, and got it up and running on the day of D.C.’s first game. I said online and will repeat here; we hope to do her work and your patronage justice.

With that in mind, come on over!

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