How to Make Tennis Futures Bets

Jul 4, 2022 - 9:46 AM

Tennis is being played at a higher level than ever before. With harder serves, incredible spin on the balls, and significantly more athletic people playing, it is a true joy to watch. With COVID-19 restrictions slowly but surely lifting, we are back to a typical calendar year for the Grand Slam Tournaments and are excited to see these players continue to work towards their dreams of sweeping these events.

In terms of betting, there are a ton more options than ever before, but we will keep it simple and talk about outright winners and why this is the only bet you can bet months on months before.

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Grand Slam Outrights

With the Grand Slam tournaments around the world, there is constantly something to follow in both men’s and women’s tennis all around the year. While there are smaller tournaments that only some of these players participate in, the Grand Slam events bring everyone who is anyone in tennis out to try and compete on the highest level in front of fans around the world.

Tennis is a game of the fusion of power, finesse and the sheer will to battle through being isolated from the crowd. The clear favorites are Novak Djokovic (-225) and Iga Swiatek (+125), with some close competitors in the women’s. As for the Joker, his lead on the others is nice and wide.

Bets like futures allow for new bettors or those who just haven’t been able to follow the individual matches closely to make a profit. Doing this allows people to latch on to their favorite (or who they think is best) and have outstanding odds of winning it all. Futures are not intended to suggest who a player will face, or what sorts of delays or conditioning they may have, so it is important to take someone that is even-keel across the board and can adapt on the fly.

We are currently amid the 2022 Wimbledon, and they have futures available for the players who now remain. For those who don’t, as well as most of these players, there are futures available for the 2022 US Open and the 2023 Australian Open. The benefit of betting these early is that these odds change as the year goes on, and we are getting the best odds out for that specific player in that particular tournament, which is always a plus if you think they can win!

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