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Sep '07
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2081st place
About Me:
Lifetime Cal Bears fan, waiting for a Rose Bowl appearance sometime in my lifetime
Favorite Jersey Number:
Seattle, WA
Current Town:
Menlo Park, CA
Favorite Teams:
California Golden Bears, San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco Giants, Green Bay Packers, LA Rams
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
"It's a simple game.... just 2 Balls and a Basket..."
- Todd Bozeman, former Cal hoops coach
Favorite Sports Movies:
Rudy, Hoosiers, Rocky, Brian's Song
Favorite Sports Moment:
The "PLAY", 1982
Cal beats Duke, 1993 to advance to Sweet 16 - Kidd in, Hurley out
Favorite Athletes:
Jason Kidd, Aaron Rodgers, Jared Goff, Tony Gonzales, Marshawn Lynch, Steve Young, Ichiro, Buster Posey, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson
Players You Love to Hate:
John Elway, Danny Ainge, Mike Tyson, Tom Brady
Best Game You've Attended:
Cal v. Stanford Big Game, 1982 - the Play
Cal v. Clemson, Citrus Bowl, 1991 - Cal 37, Clemson 13
Giants v. A's, 5/20/06 - Bonds ties Ruth at 714
Super Bowl XIX 49ers v. Dolphins, 1985 - 49ers 38, Dolphins 16