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Feb '11
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410th place
About Me:
I hate the NBA. We need tennis on "Are You Watching This?!".
Favorite Jersey Number:
Allen Park, MI
Current Town:
East Lansing, MI
Favorite Teams:
Michigan State Spartans all sports, Detroit Lions, Detroit Redwings.

USA Olympic teams (I'll even watch the basketball).

Other than my hometown teams, I like teams depending on how they play (styles, not necessarily how good they are) . So it changes over the years.

In college b-ball, I would live and die by the 3 if I didn't have a big guy. Because of this, in recent years, I have liked UofM, Duke, Butler, West VA.
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
"If the NBA were on channel 5 and a bunch of frogs making love was on channel 4, I?d watch the frogs even if they were coming in fuzzy." - Bob Knight
Favorite Sports Movies:
The Fighter, Miracle, Secretariat. Sports movies generally suck.
Favorite Sports Moment:
I'll keep out things not in my lifetime, and say a few that come to mind:

The famous MSU football "home clock" debacle where TJ Ducket found the endzone to beat the Wolverines.

All my years at MSU where we have generally whooped up on UofM in football and basketball.

Big Shot Bobby Horry making a clutch shot to rape the Pistons out of a championship and send the series to game 7. (My first successful gamble was on this series, I still hate pro b-ball).

MSU hockey National Championship 2007
Favorite Athletes:
Magic Johnson, Larry Bird (for his style, I notice these two are heated rivals but it wasnt during my time and I love how Bird and Johnson played....the NBA when it was fun), Peyton Manning, Terrel Owens, Michael Jordan, Ricky Williams, Mohammed Ali, Frasier, Kobe.....really anyone who is good, knows it, and isn't afraid to tout it.
Players You Love to Hate:
Tom Brady
Best Game You've Attended:
MSU v UofM football at big house where we handed it to them (2008) opening up our era of dominance....won the next 2

  • mark Hey there Luke, I wish we had better Tennis coverage too--especially around the majors. Sadly, I don't think it will arrive in the very near future, but it's definitely on the to-do list.