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Feb '08
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1582nd place
About Me:
love College B-Ball
Favorite Jersey Number:
Louisville, KY
Current Town:
Louisville, KY
Favorite Teams:
Chicago Bears

Louisville Cardinals
Kentucky Wildcats
Favorite Sports Movies:
Favorite Sports Moment:
Playing football USAF, jr. college atmosphere. Mildenhall England. During a game I keep getting cheap shotted Happens half a dozen times. No whistle. This guy is dirty and relentless. Just so happens I'm on the receiving kick off, here comes mr. hit me after the whistle, charging full bore down the field, I'm not a huge guy, about 175lbs.6ft.It was my turn. I lowered my head and hit this guy and launched him up into the air, he came down and oops, carried off the field. No more football.
Favorite Athletes:
Phil Mickelson
Peyton Manning

Ernie Els
Players You Love to Hate:
Tiger Woods

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