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Jul '08
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469th place
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Favorite Teams:
Cleveland Indians
Cleveland Browns
Notre Dame Fighting Irish
North Carolina Tar Heels
Cleveland Cavaliers
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
"They are who we thought they were!"
Favorite Sports Movies:
Major League
The Blindside
Favorite Sports Moment:
David Tyree catch
Phil Dawson FG that went through the posts and back
Favorite Athletes:
LeBron James
Jimmy Clausen
Golden Tate
Michael Floyd
Tory Jackson
Josh Cribbs
Players You Love to Hate:
Tom Brady
Alex Rodriguez
Kobe Bryant
Best Game You've Attended:
Notre Dame vs. Syracuse (basketball) - Kyle McAlarney sets Joyce Center record with 10 3 pt FG in one game.

  • spartanblues Alright whatever. Congrats, are you going to play for team USA, go to Europe or even play in the MLS? Prob not, but good luck buddy. I play on a men's league, but so what. Sometimes we travel to other gyms to play other gyms so I guess that makes me on a travel team too. Thanks alot

  • spartanblues soccerdude91, you list no soccer teams, or soccer players on your list of favorites. I contend that you are not a soccer dude at all. I'll let UNC women slide, but seriously man, Soccerdude? You don't deserve that moniker unless you are actually a soccer dude. Dude. Come on, give me something, some Soccer something! Team USA? Premier League? La Liga? Seria A? League Un? The Eredivise? Dare I say MLS?? Thats all I got buddy, you better give me some Soccer, or yer just another SoccerDUD