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Member Since:
Jul '08
WYG? Ranking:
340th place
About Me:
I am 54 years old ; employed in transportation field
Favorite Jersey Number:
33 - Kareem Abdul Jabbar ; 34- BoJackson
Columbus, Ohio
Current Town:
Columbus, Ohio
Favorite Teams:
Oakland Raiders - NFL ; Los Angeles Lakers- NBA ; Cleveland Indians- MLB ;
Columbus Blue Jackets- NHL ; Ohio State Buckeyes- College Football, Mens Basketball, Womens Basketball
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
Commitment to Excellence : Al Davis
Winning isn't everything......Its the only thing : Al Davis
Oakland Raider fan till I die : FatKat0157sez
Favorite Sports Movies:
Major League I and II ; Field of Dreams ; Brian's Song
Favorite Sports Moment:
Raiders winning first Super Bowl ( XI ) in 77' ; Raiders beating Browns in 80'
semifinal game ; Lakers beating Celtics in 85'
Favorite Athletes:
Bo Jackson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar , Magic Johnson
Players You Love to Hate:
AFC West Rivals ; Boston area teams
Best Game You've Attended:
Oakland Raiders @ Cleveland Browns in 10/85 Raiders won on last play of the game with touchdown in the dog pound end zone.

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