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  • Gary First, please understand that what the President has said in the last few days was said in a very disrespectful way. But, that being said, his intent was right. The football players, or players from any sport, who do not stand for the National Anthem should be suspended for some number of games for the first offense and then fired for the second offense. I don't know this for a fact, but I doubt that any of these players have served in the Armed Forces. (Yes, I have served.) They haven't earned the right to disrespect the men and women who have served and even given their lives for this country. In closing, I'm asking every fan who is watching a game this season and sees a player not stand to please turn the game off. Watch a movie, play with your kids, do anything that's positive for you and your family. Hurt the owners and players where they really care about, their pocket books. Thank you for allowing me to express my views. Gary