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May '14
WYG? Ranking:
2116th place
Favorite Jersey Number:
Fort Wayne,IN
Current Town:
Fort Wayne,IN
Favorite Teams:
Pacers,Colts, Heat,Spurs,Thunder oh yea most important my fam
Favorite Sports Quotes/Cliches:
put it on the booarrrrrd..yea!
Favorite Sports Movies:
Michael Jordan winning championships
Favorite Sports Moment:
MJ crossing over russel for the championship
Favorite Athletes:
Players You Love to Hate:
Players you have to tell get out the game, u wack, dont even know how u made the team
Best Game You've Attended:
My high school varsity game winning the game shot with a 3pt shot winning the state championship

  • Art Mhoon what an upset for for my hometown today, will get it next year,,pacer pride